The applicant needs to be nominated for a position that corresponds to an occupation listed of the Skilled Occupation Lists.

Additionally the applicant will also need to meet skills, registration, English, health and health insurance requirements for the visa application.


Applicants need to demonstrate that they have the necessary qualification (and work experience, if applicable) to perform the duties required for the nominated occupation.

Many trade level positions on the CSOL will require the visa applicant to have successfully completed a TRA 457 skills assessment

Registration and Licensing

If the nominated occupation requires licensing or registration in Australia, the applicant needs to obtain the registration or licence, or demonstrate that they meet the requirements for registration or licensing in Australia.


Unless otherwise stated, 457 visa applicants can demonstrate meeting the English requirements for the 457 visa application with the following:

  • an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall test score of at least 5.0 with a score of at least 4.5 in each of the four test components
  • an Occupational English Test (OET) score of at least ‘B’ in each of the four components
  • a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) total score of at least 36 with a score of at least 3 for each of the test components of listening and reading, and a score of at least 12 for each of the test components of writing and speaking
  • a Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic overall test score of at least 36 with a score of at least 30 in each of the four test components
  • a Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) overall test score of at least 154 with a score of at least 147 in each of the four test components
  • you are a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America
  • you have completed at least five years of full-time study in a secondary or higher education institution where instruction was conducted in English.

You may need a higher English score if it is necessary for your registration or licensing.

An exemption to meet the English requirements is possible if the overseas worker is paid an annual salary that is more than the English language requirement exempt amount. The amount is currently A$96,400.

Health and Health Insurance

The applicant and family members will need to be in good health and also arrange for health insurance for the duration of the stay in Australia.


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