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4 Things To Be Done Before Lodging Global Talent Visa EOI

4 Things To Be Done Before Lodging Global Talent Visa EOI

Global Talent Visa program in Australia can be a whole different process comparing to other programs like Skilled Migration Visa 491/190 or Employer Sponsored Program Visa 482 or visa 494.

For other programs, you only need to meet the criteria of each streams you are aiming toward and apply for the visa. As long as you provide all supporting documents required by the Department of Home Affairs, you will just need to wait for the result.

It is not like that in Global Talent Visa Australia.

Through the process of expressing your interest in the Global Talent Independent program, you have to make sure the documents show your best aspect of your expertise in the Targeted Sectors.

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Global Talent Visa vs General Skilled Migration program - Australia Permanent Residency

Global Talent Visa vs General Skilled Migration program - Australia Permanent Residency

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During Australia’s border closure and travel restrictions in 2020 to late 2021,

visas such as the Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa, Skilled Nominated (subclass 190), and the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491) were not processed as quickly as the GTV and fewer invitations were extended.

The Global Talent Visa (GTV) on the other hand has gained popularity as it was an attractive option for several skilled and talented individuals because it was designed to be a streamlined pathway to permanent residency for those who are considered as high-calibre, outstanding global talents.

So how would you know whether the Global Talent Visa or another skilled visa is suitable for you?  Below are some of the considerations

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11 Global Talent Visa Invitations and Visa Grants In 6 Weeks


What a great start of the first quarter of 2022!

We have received a total of 11 invitations and visa grants from the Global Talent Visa program in just 6 weeks.

The period is from 18 February until 7 April 2022.

As usual, DigiTech is the most popular sector in the GTI program in 2022 which takes more than half of the invitations.

Following that are Financial Services and FinTech, and Infrastructure and Tourism.

Scroll down to each photo for its details of the 4 core requirements of Global Talent Visa program and how successful applicants achieve that.

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Overall, the 4 core requirements of Global Talent Independent program has been met as:

- Target Sector: DigiTech, Infrastructure and Tourism, FinTech

- International Recognized: yes working and leading projects that are world-wide recognized, PhD Publications...

- High income threshold at $156,800 AUD: yes all are over the threshold

- Nominator : High quality nominator who is familiar with applicant's achievement and knowledge.

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Top 5 Australian Permanent Residency Pathways In 2022

Top 5 Australian Permanent Residency Pathways In 2022

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Australia has a strong education system and is considered one of the best in the world, which makes it very attractive to students across the world.

Most of the students once they complete their studies want to get settled in Australia because of the livability factor.

They may get a decent lifestyle including physical and mental wellbeing, which makes them want to get settled here.

Obtaining Australian Permanent Residency Visa is getting more and more competent, and the visa system is vast and complex.

Many times, people do get confused about how to get it

Here we are discussing a few common pathways to Australian PR for you

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Global Talent Visa Australia - What You Need To Know About GTV Australia in 2022

Global Talent Visa Australia - What You Need To Know About GTV Australia in 2022

Since its introduction, the Global Talent Visa proved to be one of the most popular visas for highly skilled individuals wanting to come to Australia.  When it was first introduced, the Australian Government allocated 5,000 places for the program, for this financial year (2021-2022), there are now 15,000 places under this program and will be reducing to approx 8,500 in 2022-23 program year. 

Information page for Global Talent Visa >

It even became more popular when Australia imposed the border and travel restrictions because the Global Talent visa holders were not subject to the inbound travel restrictions because it is a permanent resident visa.

Because of its popularity, the Expression of Interest (EOI) process to get an invitation to apply for the Global Talent Visa is very competitive (read full blog about the current application numbers here) and the processing time could be longer than expected. The current processing time for Global Talent Visa post EOI lodgment could be 6-12 months depending on how exceptionally talented the applicants are.

However, the Department of Home Affairs in its September 2021 ​​Skilled visa newsletters ​​noted that they received many EOIs that are not within the scope of the program.  The number of EOIs received would necessarily increase the Department’s workload and therefore delay the processing.

Considering the competitiveness of the global talent visa program, what do you need to do to make your EOI stand out and/or to increase your chances of getting an invitation?

In General, visa applicants are required to meet the following 4 core requirements to be able to apply for a Global Talent visa: Target sectors, Salary above the income threshold, internationally recognized for outstanding achievement and qualified Australian nominator

If you are still unsure about your eligibility, please take our free GTV assessment here!

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