The position must be an occupation on the TSS 482 List which is called the TSS 482 Occupation List.

Not all occupations can be sponsored for a 482, so it is very important to determine if the position you want to go ahead with is eligible for approval.

The TSS Skilled Occupation List is published in a separate instrument. This instrument lists:

  • STSOL occupations as eligible for the Short-term stream of the visa
  • MLTSSL and ROL occupations (for employers in regional areas) as eligible for the Medium-term stream of this visa.

The skilled occupations included in this instrument are those which were previously available for the subclass 457 visa program, as well as new skilled occupations from the new ROL list.  

509 skilled occupations are now eligible for this visa program. Overseas workers must be nominated in one of these skilled occupations unless separate arrangements are in place under a labour agreement.

Work experience related caveats have been removed and there have been some changes to regional caveats for certain occupations.

TSS 482 STSOL eligible occupations include but are not limited to:

  • Farmers
    • Livestock
    • Agriculture
  • Educational Professionals
    • Principles
    • Teachers
  • Managers
    • Customer service managers
    • Stage managers
    • Company Managers
  • Finance Professionals
    • Brokers
    • Insurance agent
  • Journalists

TSS 482 MLTSSL eligible occupations include but are not limited to:

  • Chief executive or managing directors
  • Corporate general managers
  • Economists
  • Medical Professionals
    • Nurses
    • Psychologists
  • Engineers
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Agricultural
    • Biochemical

If the occupation to be nominated is not on the TSS 482 Occupation Lists then a Labour Agreement will be required. You can always speak to Work Visa Lawyers if you need to clarify the occupation or to learn more about Labour Agreements.

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