Initial Consultations

The appointment will be with one of our Immigration Lawyers or Registered Migration Agents. Please find professional profiles here.

At the appointment, we will:

  • Discuss your situation
  • Advise on your visa options and specific issues that may be relevant to your circumstances
  • Advise on appeals, if your application has been refused

Following the appointment, we will:

  • Send you a follow-up email summarising the advice on your visa or appeal options.
  • We will also provide a fee estimate so you know what you are likely to spend if you proceed with a visa application, appeal or hourly rate representation.

Please note that we may identify the need for further specific research, especially in relation to appeals or complex matters. We would confirm your instruction to undertake further research, and hourly rate fees would apply.

Standard Appointment — $330

Please book this appointment for general advice about your visa options, including 189, 190, 491, 887, Employer Sponsored, Family, Partner, Parent, Skills Assessment, Resident Return Visa, and Citizenship. 45 minutes

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Complex Matters — $440

Please book this appointment if you have a complex matter, such as you want us to consider the skills profile for more than one applicant in your family unit, a character issue, health criteria concerns, visa refusal, cancellation, AAT appeal, Australian citizenship discretion, Judicial Review, you are unlawful, or you need advice regarding a request from the Department of Home Affairs. 1 hour

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Urgent Same Day or Next Day Appointments — $550

For very urgent advice, we will try to accommodate same-day or next-day appointments which have a fee of $550. Please call +61 08 8351 9956 to enquire. 1 hour

Cancellation fees apply to all appointment types:

If you cancel an appointment within 48 hours before an appointment, we will be charging a $100.00 cancellation fee. 

Administration Fee

If you reschedule an appointment more than once, then we charge an administration fee of $100.

Estimated Fixed Fee Service Pricing

Prices quoted below are in Australian dollars (AUD), exclusive of GST and do not include Government charges, such as visa application charges.

Some services are offered or available on an hourly rate basis.

Services may be available that are not listed below.


Skilled VISAS

Subclass 491/190/189

From $5,500

Subclass 191

From $3,850

Subclass 887      

From $4,400

Subclass 485 - Post Study Work / Graduate Work stream

From $2,750






From $2,750

TRA – Trades Recognition Australia

From $2,750

ACS -  Australia Computer Society

From $2,750

EA -  Engineers Australia

From $1,650

ANMAC – Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council

From $1,650

Other Skills assessments

We will quote at the appointment.





Standard Business Sponsorship (including Overseas Business Sponsorship)

From $2,000

TSS 482 nomination and visa

From $5,750

TSS 482 Subsequent entrant

From $2,500

Specialist Short Stay Subclass 400

From $2,500

SESR 494

From $8,600  

ENS 186 visa

From $6,900

Assistance with Australian Border Force Business Sponsorship Monitoring

From $3,450

Labour Agreements including: Designated Area Labour Agreements DAMAs, Company Specific, Aged Care Labour Agreement ACILA, Horticultural Industry Labour Agreement HILA and more.

Price Upon Request




Business Innovation and Investment

Business Innovation and Investment (188/888)

Price Upon Request

Business Talent 132A Review

Price Upon Request




global talent VISA/ Distinguished Talent Visa (GTV) 858

Global Talent Independent

858 – Expression of Interest and Visa Application

From $11,500

Distinguished Talent Visa

From $11,500




Temporary Resident

Student 500

From $2,500

Visitor 600

From $3,200

Training Visa 407

From $4,000





Submissions - Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (character)

From $9,200

Submission (Business visa cancellation)

From $8,000

Ministerial Intervention (Submission to Minister)

From $6,900  




Family Migration

Spouse 820/309/300

From $6,900

Spouse – Second stage processing 801/100

From $4,000


From $11,500

Remaining relative

From $8,000


From $8,000 to prepare and lodge

143 Contributory Parent

From $9,200 to prepare and lodge

173 to 143 or 864

From $4,600

870 Family sponsorship

From $6,300

445 Child or 802 Child

From $5,750




Resident Return Visa – RRV - 155

Resident Return Visa

From $2,300





Citizenship by Conferral

From $3,200

Citizenship by Descent

From $2,800

Citizenship including Ministerial Discretions such as spouse discretion

From $4,000

Complex evidence of Australian citizenship

From $8,000




Specific Advice or Assistance with Responses to DHA

Response to s56 or s57 Request for More Information

From $3,700

Response to NOITTA

From $7,500

Public Interest criteria PIC 4020 submission

Price Upon Request

Comprehensive written advice regarding MOC health costing

From $2,800




Reviews and Appeals

AAT – MR Division

From $8,000

AAT – General Division

From $13,800

Federal Circuit Court (Review for prospects of success)  

Form $2,500

Federal Circuit Court

From $11,300

Full Federal Court appeal

From $11,300

Revocation of 501(3A) Character Cancellation

From $9,200

 * Our quoted fees are specifically for the professional services provided by our firm. Additional charges, including but not limited to, government filing fees and costs for health and character assessments, may apply. The provided fee estimates are applicable to typical applications. In cases where your situation is more intricate or deviates from our standard service range, a customized fee estimate will be provided to you.

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