Skilled Migration

VIC 190
85 points
Social Worker
Invitation Received: 23/11/2021
Visa Granted: 3/3/2022

Dear Wendy and the amazing Work Visa Lawyers’ Team,

My wife and I would like to thank you for all your efforts not only in securing our permanent residence visas but also re-uniting us after many years of living separate lives. COVID-19 made us feel that our unity was just plain impossible. I’ve had to pursue a relentless search in finding agents and/or lawyers to help with my permanent residence visa which unfortunately wasn’t great and was filled with disappointment and rejection. Throughout my journey with different migration agents and lawyers, a common theme I noticed was the blatant disregard of my personal life choices and the obvious impact of migration policy changes upon my wellbeing.

I remember my consultation with Chris Johnston which was such a great pleasure. Chris imbued an amazing sense of self-actualisation and... Read more

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Business Investment Migration

Visa Grant Date: 27 August 2020


We would like to thank the Work Visa Lawyers, particularly Chris who worked with us in the earlier stages of preparing our dossier and Wendy who helped us review all our documents.

Special thanks must go to Wendy who has given us many good ideas for improving our application, pointing out our shortcomings and guidance as the professional agent.

This visa would not have been granted if we didn't have your patience and unfailing support during the months we were exiled of the request for more information from the case officer.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for every effort you have made and wish you and your team the best of success in all of your future.

We would highly recommend your services to anybody.


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Partner and Family Migration

Dear Chris, Jonathan and all of your team,
A big thank you to you all on behalf of our whole family for helping us to renew our mother and
father’s expired Retirement visa. Your guidance, reassurance, support and professionalism made this
confusing and stressful situation much less so, with a successful outcome.
Best wishes,
Alison Thearle, Andrew Williams and family.

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Employer Sponsored Visas 457 186 187

Application lodged: 4 June 2019 Application granted: 4 November 2019 Country: Malta

We would like to express our gratitude and say a big thank you to Luke Edwards for the fantastic job he did to help us achieve residency in Australia for the whole family in just five months!
Luke performed his duties in a timely and professional manner. I must say that he exceeded our expectations by making a complex three-step process look so easy. Having entrusted Luke to deal with the employer sponsorship and all the paperwork involved, gave us peace of mind and the space to focus on finding a job, accommodation and schooling for the children. Now that we obtained our residency, we can move forward with our future plans with confidence. Well done to all the team and keep up the good work!


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Notification of grant of a Student (Temporary) (class TU) Vocational Education and Training Sector (subclass 572) visa

Country of origin: Greece

Dear Chris and Christine

With this email I would to thank you so much for one more time because it is the second time for me that you have made my dream to come true. And both times you did a great job.

Before I contacted you I had consultation with another visa agent who put me in lot of trouble that you had to address after with a big success, and I thank you for that.

Then I talk to a friend of mine, who had already experienced your services with big success, I made an appointment with you.

You helped me than to go through this difficulty, and you did this now once more. Also with very good results you helped a friend of mine who came to you after me.

You have been there for me at all times.

In this last time, I want to thank with a huge thanks Christine who was a very warm and gentle person, helping me at all times, in all my questions...

Thank you Christine!

I am sure that at my last step to this effort you will be... Read more

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Advocacy including Character and Health

Partner Visa Onshore - Successful Health Waiver - Public Interest Criteria PIC 4007

From: United Kingdom
Testimonial received: 23 May 2016

Dear Chris,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything that you did helping us to gain my temporary partner visa and health waiver.

At a time that was overwhelming and confusing, your calm manner really helped to focus us at every step of the way. You made a clear plan of the information and documents we needed to gather and kept us informed throughout the process.

Living in the country it was great that we could Skype you to discuss progress rather than having to make the 4 hour round trip. I really appreciated that you were honest and didn’t make any promises about what could be achieved.

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Temporary Activity Visas

The Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) program is a new stream for the 408 visa, frequently used by entertainment industry workers.

The SISA is a pilot program that will run from 21 November 2018 to 30 November 2021. The strong focus of this visa is on entrepreneurship migration in South Australia, as the South Australian government strives to stimulate innovation.

Learn more about the SISA program by clicking here.


SISA Application Process

Applicants looking to go through the SISA program need to follow the steps below:

Obtain one of the following: Chief Entrepreneur endorsement, or Ecosystem provider support Immigration SA application Apply for a subclass 408 visa under the Australian Government endorsed event stream


Requirements for the SISA program

Requirements for this program include:

Must be under 45 years old Have at least vocational English Have sufficient funds to support yourself and any family members Have a business concept, idea or proposal that satisfies the following: in-depth knowledge or expertise in the product or service you are targeting business concept demonstrates genuine innovation, novel intellectual property, or high barriers to entry commitment to developing a start-up project in SA secured support of a selected service provider who has reviewed your project proposal the project has strong potential to create local employment and export revenue for SA the project will have... Read more

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Global Talent & Distinguished Talent

Global Talent Visa processing timeline:

- EOI lodged 28/10/2021
- Invitation received 1/12/2021
- HK PCC received 25/2/2022
- Visa granted 28/02/2022

Dear Wendy and Chris,

I’ve never thought about I could immigrate to Australia one day. Today - 28th Feb 2022 , you both helped me make it happen!

When I looked back to the whole process, it only took me around four months to obtain the GTI PR visa for my whole family. First round of interview with Chris in Oct. 2021 - his professional advice and experience really inspires me to give a try for GTI application. It’s really hard to get started especially find a best nominee and all the supporting from customers/ previous colleague in proving myself have such expertise to fulfil the requirement and more and more steps …... I just couldn’t imagine how I could go through all those steps without having Wendy’s systemic support... Read more

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