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Work Visa Lawyers has extensive experience in helping individuals and businesses with Australian visa matters. Our clients include:

skilled workers, students, family members of Australian permanent residents or citizens, small, medium and large corporations.

Before you submit a visa application

We provide initial assessments of your Australia visa options. Making sure you are eligible for the visa you are applying for is a very important step.

We also assist with migration skills assessment and the review of your visa application before you submit it to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

For businesses looking to apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor we assess your eligibility in terms of organisation structure, training benchmark requirements and genuine need for position.

Submitting a visa application

When you become a client we prepare all applications on your behalf and advise on the necessary documents and information to be provided to the DIBP for your application.

We also assist with State Nomination/Sponsorship applications with Australian States and Territories, Regional Certifying Body (RCB) certification for subclass 187 RSMS visas, labour market testing, market salary research and other visa application related matters.

After you have submitted your visa application

The DIBP may request for additional documents or information after you have submitted your visa application. It is important that you respond within the given time frame. At Work Visa Lawyers we help you respond to the requests and advise you on the additional documents and information requested. We also receive correspondence from the DIBP on your behalf, ensuring you do not miss any communication from the Department.

Additionally you may be requested to attend interviews, or receive on-site inspections before your visa is granted. Work Visa Lawyers help you prepare for the interviews and inspections so that you are not nervous when facing an Immigration Officer.

After your visa or sponsorship application is decided

When your application is successful you may still be monitored by the DIBP to ensure you meet obligations of the visa that was granted. Examples of such scenarios include:

  • employer sponsored visas – checking that the visa holder is working in the nominated occupation, or in a specified regional area
  • partner visas – checking that the relationship has been genuine and ongoing for at least 2 years after the grant
  • business innovation/investment visas - checking that the business ownership, management and investment obligations have been fulfilled

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Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

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