SA 491
75 points
Invitation Received: 06/02/2023
Visa Granted: 11/07/2023


Hi Chris, Wendy, and your Team,

My heart is glad and full of gratitude for the amazing work that you have done for me. 
I have lost count of the number of times that I have opened this Grant Notification, read, read again and again and still, can't believe that that's my name on it! The joy in my heart is unbelievable and the grin on my face is priceless. I hoped for the best but I had no idea how it'd make me feel, sure it is indescribable!
Thank you Chris for your wise counsel since the first day, your candidness, your time, your truthfulness, integrity and expertise - it is matchless! I know that at the beginning it was uncertain and practically impossible to beat the odds given my previous misstep with Visa Application but With your amazing Team you have guided me, Provided me with All the relevant information and various options to explore and still remained professional at all times, updated me every step of the way and readily available to answer my calls/emails!
Wendy, thank you so much for tirelessly answering my many calls, many questions and your ability to calm my fears, worries and doubts. I am impressed at your work and your level efficiency throughout this process, it was perfect!
Well, I could write a book about my long turbulent journey;I will not bore you with the details.
But I will continue to make a prayer asking for More divine favor, More Blessings, More Grace, Immense strength and protection be with you ALL. Keep up the Amazing work!
And yes, I am right here and will be right here with you in ALL my future applications!


Kindest Regards,



VIC 190
85 points
Social Worker
Invitation Received: 23/11/2021
Visa Granted: 3/3/2022

Dear Wendy and the amazing Work Visa Lawyers’ Team,

My wife and I would like to thank you for all your efforts not only in securing our permanent residence visas but also re-uniting us after many years of living separate lives. COVID-19 made us feel that our unity was just plain impossible. I’ve had to pursue a relentless search in finding agents and/or lawyers to help with my permanent residence visa which unfortunately wasn’t great and was filled with disappointment and rejection. Throughout my journey with different migration agents and lawyers, a common theme I noticed was the blatant disregard of my personal life choices and the obvious impact of migration policy changes upon my wellbeing.

I remember my consultation with Chris Johnston which was such a great pleasure. Chris imbued an amazing sense of self-actualisation and empowerment within me. Coming from a sense of hopelessness due to being let down by many previous migration companies, I found Chris’ migration recommendation as a beacon of hope. His explanation to every option we discussed were thorough and well justified. Immediately my doubts and low self-esteem disappeared. With time, especially having worked with and getting immense support from Wendy (Wenting) Guan, I found more confidence, clarity and felt content with my permanent visa decision-making.

Wendy, as my agent who handled my permanent residence visa application, is a star through and through. Whether it was day or night, weekday or weekend, Wendy’s responsiveness was like no other. Our discussions were very motivating which thus inspired to me keep my chin-up. Any issues or bumps on the road that got in the way, Wendy straightened it out without a single worry.

Having the experience of working with Wendy and Chris this closely, I can confidently say that Work Visa Lawyers promotes a very positive workplace culture which is very rare to find in the migration services sector (in my experience). The qualities of genuineness and positive regard come to my mind when I think about Work Visa Lawyers. I would confidently state that there is no second thought needed if you’re thinking of working with Work Visa Lawyers to get your migration sorted. They’re not only simply fantastic; they’re also fast, respectful, and treat you like a human being which means they consider your life journey in a holistic way to support you and inform your decision(s) surrounding permanent residency in Australia.

Best wishes and many thanks Wendy, Chris and the team. You will never be forgotten.

Yours truly,

Sehba and Salman

Visa type: Subclass 190, VIC sponsored
EOI Lodged: 1 Feb 2021
EOI Invitation: 22 March 2021

Date of visa application: 19 April 2021
Date of visa grant: 6 August 2021
Occupation: Social Worker

Work Visa Lawyers were very professional and responsive. I have had a lot of anxiety about my application, due to the complexities of applying for permanent residency during a pandemic. However Wendy was supportive, informative, reassuring and honest - all of which helped in staying realistic and on task to ensure I get the best possible outcome.

- Dei

Visa type: Subclass 491
Date of visa application: 20 October 2020
Date of visa grant: 11 December 2020
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Passport: India

Profound thanks to Chris, Wendy and Team.

Without the expertise of the team I doubt if I would have made through the legal process of obtaining my 491 visa effortlessly. Miss Wendy kept me informed and guided me throughout the entire visa process.

Even during these tough times (COVID-19) where visa procedures were taking longer than usual, Wendy kept in constant touch to update me of my options. I pat myself for having chosen the right visa lawyers which made the job look so simple. I would personally recommend to my friends and contacts for I would be doing them a favor by guiding them in the right direction.

Now that I have my peace of mind, I once again thank you for the services rendered. 

A very satisfied client!


Country: Sri Lanka

Work Visa Lawyers - Many thanks to your team!

A big thank you to Luke Edwards for his effort and dedication to our visa application. We were so excited to receive the grant of Permanent Residency news. We felt well informed and confident about each step. Thank you for your professionalism throughout this long process. At times it was very exhausting and emotional. Thank you for your supportive words when times were tough for us.

We would recommend Luke and Work Visa Lawyers to anyone seeking to migrate to Australia


Visa applied for: Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa
Nominated Occupation: Surgeon (General) ANZSCO 253511
Application lodged: 15 June 2020
Visa granted: 13 August 2020
Country: India

Work Visa Lawyers, Torrensville, were recommended to us by a close friend when we asked for his advice on a trustworthy, honest and efficient Lawyer / Visa agent to help us with our Permanent Residency Application. That was the best advice he could have given us.

Beginning with our first meeting with Wendy (Wenting), we knew we were in safe hands. Wendy is kind, friendly, thorough, supportive and while she may ask for what seems like ‘a million’ documents, she knows her job, and does it well.

What appealed to me the most was her promptness in replying to emails and returning phone calls. As one will appreciate, applying for Permanent Residency can be quite stressful even if you know you meet the conditions set by the Department of Immigration. However, Wendy always managed to put our minds at ease.

We would highly recommend Wendy and Chris, Work Visa Lawyers, Torrensville, without reservation, to any person seeking to apply for Permanent Residency. We found them amazing, and I am certain, you will too!

Visa applied for: Skilled (Residence) (class VB) Skilled - Regional (subclass 887) visa

I am very grateful for Work Visa lawyers for the service provided. I engaged Work Visa lawyers to approach the further information request received from the Immigration. After the initial consultation I have got my Permanent Residency granted within several weeks. The advice given to me by Chris was very specific, professional, and focused. This advice was heavy reliant on migration legislation and best practice. I appreciate the effort Work Visa lawyers did in collection of relevant information, similar cases, and migration legislation enforcement.

I did receive a Permanent Residency as a result of their consultation and work. I believe that Work Visa lawyers is one of the best companies to approach on the market for professional help with migration matters.

Thank you.


Visa applied for: Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) visa

Nominated Occupation: Retail Pharmacist ANZSCO 251513
Application lodged: 14/04/2020
Visa granted: 25/05/2020
Country: Malaysia

Dear Chris and Wendy,
Thank you so much for working together with me through my entire process of applying for a 190 Visa. Wendy has been extremely helpful and definitely thorough in her work. It wasn't always smooth sailing especially when we are met in between with a pandemic, but nonetheless, I am so grateful I received my PR status at the end and especially with no major delays. Thank you again to Wendy for being so responsive and replying to all my emails and questions timely and well. For easing my worries and updating me regularly with changes to the regulations. For being encouraging when I needed to take my PTE after years of not attending university. Now 6 months after the process began, I am finally a PR and I can continue to build my life here in Australia with my partner. Thank you for being there for me and I will definitely continue to use their services if needed in future.
Love Claudia

Visa applied for: Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa

Nominated Occupation: Marketing Specialist ANZSCO 225113
Application lodged: 20/02/2020
Visa granted: 24/03/2020
Country: Spain


Having waited for some time for an opportunity to apply for a long term visa, I had a chance to apply and was lucky enough to have Work Visa Lawyers help. Wendy help with all documentation and processing times. My partner and I were under some short timelines as our previous visa was about to expire. Wendy was great in helping us stay calm. She was fast getting all documentation ready for the State Nomination and Visa application.

The state nomination came through with in 5 days, thanks to Wendy urging for priority processing. Soon after we were ready to apply for the visa and with in one month the visa was granted. Wendy was great guiding us, getting the right document for the application. Communication was easy and always available when we needed her. I will be definitely recommending Work Visa Lawyer to anyone who is looking for migration advise. We are very thankful to have had Wendy helping us through what can be very stressful situations. She was great at managing stress.

If I have to apply for another visa I know i will be coming back them


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