What is a Labour Agreement?

In essence it is a contract between the Commonwealth of Australia (represented by the Minister for Immigration) and a sponsoring employer. This contract, or agreement, sets out the terms and conditions that dictates the employer’s ability to sponsor workers.

The contents of a Labour Agreement set out important guidelines such as the nomination and visa requirements, sponsorship and reporting obligations, and other negotiated conditions.

Why might employers want access to a Labour Agreement?

Employers may want to sponsor workers for an employer sponsored visa such as 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa or 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional who need certain concessions to be eligible for a visa.

What does concession mean?

It generally refers to special allowances or relaxations that can benefit applicants. Depending on their circumstances, this can help applicants to satisfy specific visa requirements.

These concessions can allow applicants to meet relaxed requirements for a visa in terms of age, work experience, English language ability, and permanent residency (PR) pathway for those over 45.

This can help make it easier for some to obtain a visa when they might otherwise not qualify.

For example, those who:  

  • are 45 years old or over
  • do not have enough required work experience for a standard 482 or 494
  • work in an occupation that is not on the ‘standard’ skilled occupation list  
  • achieved lower scores than the usual English language requirements

What are the five types of Labour Agreement?

Company Specific Labour Agreements 

Allow businesses to sponsor workers for positions that cannot be filled locally. As the name suggests, these agreements can be tailored to the specific needs and wants of a particular employer.


Are tailored agreements for specific regions across Australia, addressing labour shortages in those areas. There are currently 12 DAMAs in Australia.

Industry Labour Agreements 

Cater to employers operating in specific industries that face ongoing skill shortages. This includes the aged care, dairy, horticulture, meat and pork industries.

Global Talent Employer Sponsored Agreements 

Allow employers to sponsor highly skilled workers in areas of innovation and technology for Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visas. Both established businesses and startups can sponsor global talent to enhance Australia’s competitiveness.

Project Agreements 

Are a type of labour agreement that allows project companies experiencing skills shortages, to sponsor skilled workers during the construction phase of resource or infrastructure projects.

Popular Labour Agreements include:

Employers often choose to apply for a labour agreement when they have a persistent labour need that they cannot fill.

We have a page called "How to Find an Employer Sponsor in Australia" where you can find some tips on securing a sponsor. Click here to read.

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