Re: Citizenship Application based on Ministerial Discretion for Administrative Error

Letter dated 27 October 2011

I am writing this letter with my heart full of joy and thankfulness. The value of your assistance in my citizenship case is inestimable indeed.

After learning from the immigration department that I had a record of unlawfulness against my residence period, and it was going to jeopardise my citizenship qualification, I suffered from extreme anxiety and devastation, because I knew there was scanty evidence to prove innocence, and I was deeply apprehensive that if my citizenship application was refused by the immigration department it could put my career and young family into a very awkward situation.

After consulting with a number of immigration agents and solicitors I was convinced that you had the most complete knowledge regarding the immigration policies and offered the most professional service to the client. Therefore I entrusted you to handle my case, and I believed my case is in good hands.

You simply demonstrated to me your brilliance and heedfulness in the argument you prepare for my case, and the frequent communication you kept with me made me feel steady and sure. The most gratifying thing was that you helped me win my case in such a short period of time, and this wonderful result brought fresh hope to my life and my family’s future.

Your devoted attention and responsible professionalism deserve much trust and respect; I would not hesitate to recommend you and Work Visa Lawyers to anyone. I hope you all the best and thank you again.

Name Removed
(Queensland, Australia)

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