New National Innovation Visa to include Investor Visa

The National Innovation Visa Australia, planned for release in late 2024, will replace the Global Talent Visa (subclass 858) and the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP). This new visa aims to attract exceptionally talented migrants to Australia, such as high performing entrepreneurs, major investors and global researchers.

Potentially Streams of the National Innovation Visa Australia could include:

  • High performing entrepreneurs 
  • Major investors
  • Global researchers

National Innovation Visa

High Performing Entrepreneurs

This could include some features of the existing Global Talent Visa, such as the potential earnings above the Fair Work income threshold, which is currently AUD 167,500.

Sectors currently available under the Global Talent Visa include:

  • Resources
  • Agri-food & AgTech
  • Energy
  • Health Industries
  • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  • Circular Economy
  • DigiTech
  • Infrastructure and Tourism
  • Financial Services and FinTech
  • Education

Click here to read more about the Global Talent Visa.

Major Investors 

This could include some of the existing features of the Significant Investor Visa.

The Migration Review flagged the opportunity to draw on the relative strength of the Significant Investor stream to design a visa product more sharply targeted to select migrants who can drive innovative investments in sectors of national importance or play a valuable role in the venture capital industry.

The features could include:

  • Available investment of $5 million or more
  • The investment must comply with the Complying Investment Framework (CIF)

 The types of investment could include:

  • Venture capital and growth private equity funds which invest in start-ups and small private companies
  • Approved managed funds investing in emerging companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • A ‘balancing investment’ in managed funds

Global Researchers 

This could include some of the features currently available for the Distinguished Talent Visa

The Distinguished Talent pathway is for exceptional and outstanding individuals who do not fit into any Global Talent sectors but are still prominent in their field. Examples include Olympic athletes and famous musicians.

National Innovation Visa Requirements

The National Innovation Visa program aims to combine the best aspects of the BIIP and Global Talent Visa programs, with criteria designed to produce stronger economic outcomes for Australia.

The specific requirements and criteria for the new visa are yet to be determined or announced.

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