If you would like to go ahead with an employer-sponsored application, you will have to secure a job offer from an employer.

The job offer will have to be for an acceptable role on the TSS 482 list and you will have the required qualifications, skills and experience to fill the role.

How do I find a TSS 482 Sponsor?

You will need to consider the usual pathways for finding employment, which could include:

  • Employment - Online Employment Advertisers:
    • Seek
    • Careerone
    • Indeed 
    • LinkedIn
  • Jobs advertised in the major papers for the parts of Australia you are interested in.
  • Recruitment Agents
  • Follow up on any personal contacts or networks you may have in Australia.

No Payment for Sponsorship - TSS 482 Requirements

The legislation imposes sanctions on a person who asks for, receives, offers or provides a benefit in return for a visa sponsorship or employment that requires visa sponsorship.

The aim is to:

  • Prevent employers from asking potential employees for money or other benefits for a sponsored visa position.
  • Prevent applicants from offering employees money or other benefits for a sponsored visa position.

Civil Penalties

  • we can issue an infringement notice of up to AUD12,600 for a body corporate and AUD2520 for an individual for each failure.
  • we can apply to a court for a civil penalty order of up to AUD63,000 for a corporation and AUD12,600 for an individual for each failure.

The visa holder can have their visa cancelled.

The sponsor can have their Standard Business Sponsorship cancelled.  If the employer has multiple employees on 482’s, then if their sponsorship is cancelled, none of the 482 holders can work for the employer.  This can be highly disruptive for an employer. 

Read more about the 482 Visa

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