888 Business Innovation and Investment Visa

Who needs this visa?

Holders of the provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) will need to apply for the permanent subclass 888 visa upon fulfilling the required conditions for the respective streams.

The permanent subclass 888 visa will grant permanent residency status to its applicants when granted.

What are the criteria for the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888)?

To be eligible to apply you will need to meet the requirements and obligations of the subclass 188 visa stream which you have held. The subclass 188 visa streams include:

  1. Business Innovation – 888A
  2. Investor – 888B
  3. Significant Investor (SIV) – 888C
  4. Premium Investor (PIV)
  5. Entrepreneur

Click on the relevant streams to learn more about the specific criteria for each stream.

How do I apply for the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888)?

  1. Check and ensure that you have met all the requirements for your subclass 188 visa stream
  2. Submit an online application using the ImmiAccount system from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  3. After you have submitted your application online, prepare and send in supporting documents using courier to the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre, South Australia

How can Work Visa Lawyers help?

The first step in the application process is the most important as there are many complications that may arise if you submitted an application for the permanent 888 visa before meeting the application requirements. One such complication is for example, you may find out that you did not meet all requirements 9-10 months after you submitted your application, and by then your provisional subclass 188 visa has already expired.

Work Visa Lawyers is conservative about your visa applications and will provide a detailed and honest assessment of your situation before advising if you should proceed with the permanent subclass 888 visa. There have been numerous occasions where clients who came to see us actually discovered that they were short on certain requirements. Clients who still had time to meet the requirements were then advised on what can be done to meet those requirements that are outstanding, by comprehensively explaining the criteria to apply for the permanent subclass 888 visa. We check to ensure you are eligible to apply for the visa before you submit an application.

To prepare for the visa application Work Visa Lawyers will seek to understand the nature of your business or investment, and advise relevant and appropriate documents to support your application. If you have collected a large amount of documents or information we assist to filter and compile the most important and supportive documents for submission. If you have difficulties in obtaining certain documents to demonstrate the meeting of the visa criteria, we work together with you to find suitable alternatives to meet the requirements.

If you are looking to submit an application for the permanent subclass 888 visa in an efficient and accurate manner, the team of experienced Registered Migration Agents at Work Visa Lawyers can help you manage and navigate the complexities of the visa application.

Our team of experience Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you with your Australian visa or appeal.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

Contact us today and let Work Visa Lawyers help you secure your permanent resident status in Australia.

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