Country of Passport: United States
Type of Visa: 858 Distinguished Talent
Sector: Sports and High-Performance Industry
EOI Lodged: September 2021
Visa granted: February 2024

"I work in the sports and high-performance industry and I've applied for the 858 Distinguished Talent visa in September of 2021. By working with Rosa and the other lawyers at Work Visa Lawyers, I was able to have that visa granted in February of 2024.

Every interaction with Chris and Rosa as well as other members of the staff was always very cordial, very professional.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a fairly serious medical condition in the middle of the application, which the lawyers on staff had to work and figure out a way to present it and keep the application both secure and valid.

I was pleased with the way that they handled my information respectfully. They were very good at explaining how things need to be put together and why it needs to be in a particular format.

I couldn't be happier. They've changed my life, so I'm extremely appreciative of the efforts that they've done."



Country of Passport: Sri Lanka
Type of Visa: 858 Global Talent Visa
Sector: Circular Economy
EOI Lodged:  30 January 2023
Invitation received:  11 Aug 2023
Visa Application lodged: 20 Sep 2023
Visa granted: 19 Feb 2024

"I am incredibly grateful to the team at Work Visa Lawyers for their exceptional dedication and support throughout the process of lodging and successfully obtaining my Australian Global Talent Visa. From the very beginning, Rosa and Chris were not just advisors but true partners on this journey. Their expertise in navigating the complex visa application process was evident in every interaction. They were always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer reassurance when needed.

Rosa's attention to detail ensured that every aspect of my application was meticulously prepared, leaving no stone unturned. Her knowledge of the requirements and procedures made a significant difference in the quality of my submission. Chris, on the other hand, provided strategic advice that was invaluable. His understanding of the nuances of the Global Talent Visa pathway helped to position my application most favorably.

The professionalism, empathy, and personal commitment shown by Rosa, Chris, and the entire Work Visa Lawyers team exceeded my expectations. They made what could have been a stressful and overwhelming process, a smooth and successful experience. I am deeply appreciative of their hard work and support, and I wholeheartedly recommend Work Visa Lawyers to anyone seeking to navigate the Australian visa process. Their expertise and dedication are truly unparalleled. Thanks!"

[Name removed] 


Country of Passport: Egypt
Type of Visa - sc-858 Global Talent Visa - Global Talent pathway
EOI Lodged: 5 October 2022
Invitation received: 19 October 2022
Visa Application lodged: 10 November 2022
Visa granted: 15 November 2023


“Work Visa Lawyers supported my global Talent visa application and they were very professional responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. Their input was valuable during the EOI phase, and then also during the Visa Application phase, and even though the response from the authorities was a little bit delayed they were always communicative and responsive During my inquiries. I highly recommend them to any prospective Australia Visa applicant.”

Invitation received:07/09/22
Visa Application lodged 19/10/22
Visa granted 24/02/2023


Global Talent Visa (GTV) Subclass 858


"I cannot express my gratitude enough to Rosalina and the Work Visa Lawyer for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to helping me obtain a Global Talent Visa for Australia. From start to finish, their knowledge, expertise, and support were unparalleled.

Rosalina was an absolute gem throughout the entire process. They provided me with invaluable guidance on the application process, thoroughly reviewed my documents, and provided critical feedback that was crucial to my success. Their attention to detail and personalized approach made all the difference.

The Work Visa Lawyer was equally impressive, providing me with a comprehensive support system that made the application process smooth and stress-free. Their staff was highly responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to my success. The level of service provided by the Work Visa Layer was exceptional, and I cannot thank them enough.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of  Rosalina and the Work Visa Lawyer, I was able to obtain my Global Talent Visa for Australia much faster than I ever anticipated. I am now pursuing my dream career in a new country, and it is all thanks to their exceptional service.

If you are seeking professional assistance in obtaining a Global Talent Visa for Australia, I cannot recommend Rosalina and the Work Visa Lawyer enough. They are the best in the business and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals."

Global Talent Visa processing timeline:

- EOI lodged 28/10/2021
- Invitation received 1/12/2021
- HK PCC received 25/2/2022
- Visa granted 28/02/2022

Dear Wendy and Chris,

I’ve never thought about I could immigrate to Australia one day. Today - 28th Feb 2022 , you both helped me make it happen!

When I looked back to the whole process, it only took me around four months to obtain the GTI PR visa for my whole family. First round of interview with Chris in Oct. 2021 - his professional advice and experience really inspires me to give a try for GTI application. It’s really hard to get started especially find a best nominee and all the supporting from customers/ previous colleague in proving myself have such expertise to fulfil the requirement and more and more steps …... I just couldn’t imagine how I could go through all those steps without having Wendy’s systemic support and prompt advice.

This is not a dream, this is “achievable” under Work Visa Lawyers' support. I really encourage all of you who see this comments can give yourself a try, believing in work visa lawyers, you will never regret in working with them !! Thank you again Chris and Wendy :-) See you in Australia !

Best wishes
Jessi Yeh

I recently was granted the 858 Global Talent Independent Visa and Work Visa Lawyers, which were crucial to guide me throughout this intricate application. A big shout out to Chris Jonhston and especially for Wenting Guan. She was always attentive to all details, helping me outstanding my qualifications, which is fundamental for a GTI application. Excellent customer service from the first contact to the end. I would not hesitate in counting with Work Visa Lawyer to apply for any Visa.

– André A.

Visa type: Subclass 858 Global Talent Visa
EOI lodgement: 2 March 2021
EOI Invitation: 10 March 2021

Date of visa application: 6 April 2021
Date of visa grant: 3 June 2021
Occupation/Distinguished talent: DigiTech
Passport: Hong Kong

This is Casper from Hong Kong. I am writing to thank Work Visa Lawyers for assisting me throughout the GTI Visa application, and I have now become an Australian PR through the GTI DigiTech stream.

Migration application is not an easy process; it comes with lots of document preparation. In addition, you would need an expert to validate the quality of your supporting documentation to make a strong case and reach out to your application case officer if necessary.

When I first met with Chris on Zoom, he was frank with me about the GTI is a highly competitive process. His "data point first, no rush for application" tactic genuinely convinced me that Work Visa Lawyers is my right partner for this Visa application.

I want to pay my tribute to Wendy Guan for her professional guidance throughout my visa application. Her input makes my Visa application become a strong case and help to secure my GTI visa.

Visa type: Subclass 124 Distinguished Talent
EOI lodgement:17 August 2020
EOI Invitation: 21 August 2020

Date of visa application: 17 September 2020
Date of visa grant: 16 November 2020
Occupation/Distinguished talent: FinTech
Passport: Hong Kong

Thank you Work Visa Lawyers team for assisting us with our GTI visa application. Our GTI visa was granted in less than four months. From Day One we scheduled our online consultation session with Chris and Wendy, we knew we had found the right migration agency to work with. Chris' extensive knowledge and experience in GTI visa application was the initial reason we chose WorkVisaLawyers. Thereafter we found the entire team was very friendly, responsive and professional.

A heartfelt thank you to Wendy! She is not just knowledgeable but always available to answer our questions. She is exceptionally organized, always kept us well informed on progress, and gave us clear instructions and advice on what to prepare and how to prepare. Frankly speaking, preparing and submitting GTI visa materials is not easy at all, but Wendy always kept things in simplest manner for us. Thank you Wendy, you are such a wonderful "partner" to work with!

Thank you once again - Chris, Wendy and the WorkVisaLawyer team!

- Jason and Family, Happy Client from Hong Kong

Visa applied for: Distinguished Visa (subclass 858) through the Global Talent Independent Program

Date of EOI: 19 May 2020
Date of visa application: 29 June 2020
Date of visa grant: 13 August 2020
Target Sector: ICT

I arrived in Australia 12 months ago on a Temporary Skills Shortage visa (subclass 482). Within a few months I had an email from the [Department of Home Affairs] to tell me that it may be possible to apply for a Distinguished Talent visa.

The first thing I did was pick up the phone and make an appointment with Work Visa Lawyers. The reason I had done that is that I had spoken to these guys before I even moved to Australia and I knew that the best way to get an honest, informed conversation was to have that discussion with the team.

If you want to put a visa application in or anything around immigration in Australia, you will get an honest but informed piece of advice from Chris. The money that it costs to have that first conversation is worth its weight in gold.

Almost 6 to 7 weeks from the date of application until the date that I got my visa.

If you’re looking for the right advice, the right people and the support to get the right information in to maximise your opportunity to get your visa, I recommend that you call Work Visa Lawyers and get your application in.


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