Most temporary skilled migrants will come through the Core Skills pathway. The Core Skills visa is designed to bring skilled employees to Australia and to fill the needs that are available now and, in the future, to ensure we can provide ourselves with the goods and services that are needed for the Australian economy. 

The Core Skills pathway would be available for a wider range of occupations, including registered nurses, trades, and some machinery operators. 

The general eligibility criteria include individuals with occupations on the new Core Skills Occupation List, and individuals with a salary at or above the TSMIT, which is currently AU$ 70,000 a year.  As soon as the Core Skills Occupation List is available, we will update it here.

The Core Skills visa processing time is expected to be approximately 21 days. The Core Skills visa is likely to have requirements very similar to the current 482 visa.

Key features for the Specialist Skills visa include:  

  • The Core Skills Visa will provide a four-year work visa.
  • Visa holders will be able to move between sponsors with 180 days to find a new sponsor.
  • The time spent with any approved employer will count toward permanent residence requirements. This will avoid the clock resetting with each employer.
  • The Core Skills Visa will have a clear path to permanent residency in Australia.
  • There will be a public register of sponsors to assist individuals in finding a new sponsor.

We will update this page as soon as we receive more information about the Core Skills Visa.

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This article is updated regularly. Last updated: Thursday, 15th February 2024

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