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Enrolled Nurses new skills assessment has been released by ANMAC! This opens pathways for Enrolled Nurses to apply for Australian visas!

Enrolled Nurses already registered in Australia can apply for a Migration Skills Assessment from ANMAC from 1 July 2013.

Key points are:

  • English - The applicant must achieve a score of 7 in all bands of the IELTS academic IELTS or achieves a B pass in all bands of the OET for nurses.
  • Education - If the applicant holds current registration as an Enrolled Nurse in Australia or New Zealand and provided appropriate documentary evidence of this they with will be deemed to have met the educational standard requirements.
  • - Experience and Exemption- The experience requirement will require that the applicant must has practised as a nurse or midwife in the 5 years preceding their application date. There is an exemption to this experience criteria if the applicant is a newly registered Australian nursing and midwifery graduates that AHPRA registration.


From the many enquiries I have received about skills assessments for Enrolled Nurses, I know that there will be a large number of applications for registration lodged. 

Large volumes of applications can lead to long processing times and there may be an advantage to lodging your skills assessment as soon as possible.

For the assessment criteria:

Work Visa Lawyers:

  • We can assist you to apply for a skills assessment.
  • We can assess your eligibility to apply for Australian Permanent Residence based on your nursing qualifications.   
  • If we determine that you are eligible, we can apply for  Australian Permanent Residence on your behalf.

If you require further information regarding Enrolled Nursing skills assessment by ANMAC or would like to book a consultation with Christopher Johnston, please do not hesitate to contact our offices on (08) 7225 5091.

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