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457 Visa Changes - What Visa Applicants need to know! English levels up, Application Fees up, TSMIT up…

Here are some of the changes introduced from the 1 July 2013 that are important to 457 visa applicants:

English Requirements now more difficult for many

English levels of Functional English must now be proved for all levels of occupations nominated from the CSOL:

-      an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test score of at least 5 in each of the four test components of speaking, reading, writing and listening, or

-      a score of at least 'B' in each of the four components of an Occupational English Test (OET).

Prior to 1 July, the requiements only applied to trade level position such as cook, baker and mechanic.  Now the apply to all positions on the CSOL, nominated for a 457. For example, now Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Marketing Specialists and Software Engineers.


TSMIT is now $53,900 and all nominations must be paid TSMIT or higher.  Please note, that Market Salary is also a relevant guide for the amount to be paid to the nominated position.

Market Salary Exemption Up

Market Salary – the exemption from Market Salary requirements has been increased from $180,000 to $250,000.

More Discretion to Refuse based on Skills and Qualifications

The Department has strengthen the skills requirements for Subclass 457 visas by requiring the Subclass 457 visa applicant to have the skills, qualifications and employment background that the Minister considers necessary to perform the tasks of the nominated occupation.

In my opinion this will help make the Department feel more comfortable in refusing an application without requesting further information.

Genuine Test – More discretion to refuse

Introduction of a ‘genuineness test’ to be conducted by departmental officers to ensure that the position associated with the nominated occupation is genuinely required to address skills shortages in Australia.

Condition Requiring Licencing Post Grant

457 visa holders must seek to obtain any mandatory registration, licence or membership for their occupation within 28 days.  The licensing requirement will effect occupations such as electricians.

All Electronic Lodgement

All applications for standard business sponsorship, approval of nominations and Subclass 457 (Temporary Work (Skilled)) visas to be lodged electronically.  The backup system to this is said to be lodgement by email. My comment, this sounds like it could be a real mess when the system crashes, like it does the last day of the program year almost every year late June.

Workers have more time to find another sponsor after ending employment

Workers have been given more time to find another sponsor after ceasing employment.  This time have been extended from 28 days to 90 days.

Fees Up

457 Sponsorship remains the same at $420

457 Nomination from $85 to $330.

457 Visa applicant – primary applicant now termed base applicant from $455 to $900

457 Visa applicant, secondary applicant over age of 18 from $0 to $900

457 Visa applicant, secondary aged under 18, from $0 to $225

New fee - Subsequent temporary application fee will apply in some circumstances, $700 per applicant.

Refer to this blog for an example of 457 fee costs post 1 July 2013.


Source: DIAC website


Need Help?

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This information isaccurate on the 30 July 2013.  DIAC will changes visa requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging an application. 

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