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All Latest Australian Immigration Updates August 2022 - Global Talent Visa, 491/190 Visa, Agriculture Visa and Ukrainians Visa Options

All Latest Australian Immigration Updates August 2022 - Global Talent Visa, 491/190 Visa, Agriculture Visa and Ukrainians Visa Options

Today’s article will talk about the latest Australian immigration updates in August 2022.

One of the most significant Immigration news is that everyone is looking forward to the allocation confirmation from the government.

Because that is when states and territories can open their skilled migration program. No one really knows when state sponsorship visa 491 or 190 is officially open? or Why was state nomination still not open officially?

JUST IN: 10/8/2022, ACT is the fist state to open their skilled migration program with its interim allocation. It is followed by Tasmania and Victoria to open their state nomination on 11/8/2022.

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This video will not only talk about state nomination updates but also other important immigration news.

It is recommended to watch the video carefully or read our blog provided in the description.

Our Latest Australian Immigration Udates August 2022 will cover:

Positive signs for asylum seekers on Australian PR and raising concern in Bridging Visa

The popular Biloela family has been granted Permanent Residency.

It was intervened and considered carefully by the minister for immigration Andrew Giles

This is a positive sign for Asylum seekers in Australia who are currently struggling to seek the basics of life in Australia.

Biloela Family with a Permanent Residence Granted

Most of them are not able to return to their home country because of many reasons.

It is an honor for me to be invited by ABC news to talk about Elham Family

Elham Family Asylum Seeker on bridging Visa for 10 years

They are also Asylum seekers living with the uncertainty of holding bridging visas for close to ten years.

Her daughter got cancer and she has to quit her job to take care of her daughter.

She has been constantly applying for the new bridging visa every 6 months, leaving her life in a state of limbo.

With the positive news to the Biloela family, We hope that there will be specific action to end the uncertainty of asylum seekers and provide them with a brighter future.

Faster Visa Processing and New Government’s action on dealing with visa backlog

In the last few months, the new government is taking action to process more skilled visas faster. we have received a lot of enquiries complaining about the delay in visa processing time.

We are glad to announce that this is being listed as an URGENT PRIORITY for the Albanese Government

There are almost 60,000 permanent visa applications lodged overseas and the government is doing their best to finalize it as soon as possible

These group of applications will be prioritized:

  • Temporary skilled
  • Student
  • Visitor

As a result, the Australian Government wants more people to travel to Australia and fill the labor shortages they are facing

Minister for Immigration, Andrew Giles has assessed all options to address the backlogs.

140 new staff have been allocated to visa processing roles from May 2022.

However, this can’t be completed overnight to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Those new employees are from travel exemption department and they are now being trained with manual and procedure to deliver the quickest and most accurate result.

The visa backlog will still be a major priority and we thank you for your patience.

State Nomination Visa 491 and Visa 190 Updates August 2022

State Nomination updates article here – Regularly updated content for Skilled Visa 491 and 190 requirements in all states and territories of Australia

All states remain closed and waiting for allocation to update their migration settings.

Everyone is looking forward to the new updates on state nomination

Following Western Australia, Tasmania State Sponsorship has updated its nomination with more generous requirements.

Some attractive features of Tasmania’s Skilled migration programs are:

  • PhD Graduate stream with permanent pathway
  • There is a Long-term resident stream .  Those who have lived for 3 years in Tasmania could apply for visa 190 nomination and 2 years for 491

This is like South Australia current state nomination stream : Long term residents 

  • Offshore applications are welcome without occupation restrictions where a candidate has a job offer
  • There is an expanded list of occupations for 190 Visa and NO occupation list requirements for 491 nominations
  • A Business operators stream providing options for small business owners (SBO Tasmania)

For further information regarding the nomination requirements in Tasmania and Western Australia, please check here

Global Talent Visa New Priority from Minister’s talk

In the latest discussion with Ms. Claire O’Neil, Minister for Home Affairs has paid attention to the global talent visa program from the previous government.

They have spent millions on seeking highly skilled workers around the globe

However, she also mentioned that 77% of the Global talent visa were awarded to onshore applicants.

This is unnecessary because onshore applicants can find their own way to get PR in Australia

The program has been cut to only 8,488 for 2022.

"Only offshore applicants would now be considered" Ms Claire O'Neil - Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security

This is only an announcement during the interview.

No new regulations or media has been released until now.

Further Visa Support for Ukrainians

Ukrainians Visa support

Minister Giles also extended the opportunity to apply for a temporary humanitarian stay 449 til 31 July 2022. With a path to a 765 visa for three years

For those Ukrainians that could not lodge a 449 , including a Bridging visa E (SC 050) or a Protection Visa subclass 866.  


Agriculture Visa Program - Merged means Terminated?

It has been announced that the agriculture visa program will be merged with the PALM Scheme

For anyone who does not know PALM Scheme, this is a called Pacific Australia Labour Mobility. 

This is a part of their effort in building a stronger pacific family.

Agriculture Visa program to be merged with PALM scheme

There is still NO official announcement that the Agriculture Visa program will be terminated. 

The government has made a commitment that the Australian Agriculture Visa will become Agriculture Visa stream within a reformed PALM Scheme which allow participants to:

  • Bring Family members to live and work in Australia

In a new release from Department of Home Affairs, they confirmed that the PALM scheme will remain a key program for meeting agricultural workforce shortages. They are planning to boost permanent migration through new Pacific Engagement Visa to be introduced in July 2023

3000 Visas would be allocated annually, Applicants need to be aged between 18 and 45 years, having a job offer in Australia, and some English proficiency.

More information will be published later.

If you are working in Agriculture, consider another options if not eligible for PALM scheme. For more options, check this link

What can be expected to come?

The jobs and Skills summit in Early September would be the most significant event for Australian Immigration.

Canberra Parliament House Jobs and skills summit in September 2022

Most business groups are demanding a 200,000 cap on the migration program for the next 2 years.

Labor shortage, migration, Business groups, and Unions –are trying to balance the demand.

It will address several topics including the most important one for skilled migrants:

- Improving migration settings to support higher productivity and wages

The jobs and skills summit will likely be followed by a paper that will include some recommendations.

The Federal Government will also base many of its decisions on the outcome of the jobs summit.


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