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All Latest Australian Immigration Updates April 2022

All Latest Australian Immigration Updates April 2022

Latest Australian Immigration Updates after 1st July 2022 with 482 Visa, 485 Visa concession, Global Talent Visa, Working Holiday 462 Visa and 491 Visa>>

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Australian Immigration Monthly News April 2022 Overview

Two big events have influenced the news this month.
The Australian federal budget was handed down on Tuesday, 29 March

This is provided a lot of details about what to expect in the migration program year.
The second big event is that on 10 April Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the day for the federal election.

The federal election will be held on 21 May 2022.

Just prior to the election being called there is often a frenzy of activity and announcements.

This is because once the election is cold then the government often goes into what’s called caretaker mode.  Parliament no longer sits and there is no further opportunity to pass new legislation.

Another factor relevant to this month’s news is that Australia has very low unemployment rate at 4%.
However, there are severe skills shortages in many industries.

There are a lot of essential updates during March and April 2022.

Changes have been made to bring benefits to skilled workers in Australia.

However, there is still a focus on other streams like Business and Investment Visa or Global Talent Visa.

Today’s video will cover:

PR for short term TSS visa 482/457

After 30 June 2022, the new changes of 482 visas short term to PR will be applied to specified persons.

Eligible applicants will apply for permanent residency under the temporary residence transition stream of subclass 186.

The following requirement must be met:

  • You were in Australia for 12 months cumulative from 1st February 2020 until 14 December 2021
  • You must hold a 482 visa at the time of application - After 1st of July 2022
  • You must have been working for the same employer for 3 years prior to lodgment.

This new law recognizes those who supported the Australian economy during the pandemic.

This is a massive benefit to all applicants in Australia during the specified period and thinking of changing to a 482 visa.

There are more concessions for this new change.

We have covered these with some FAQs in the video below for your information.

New age exemption for Legacy 457 workers

457 visa holders will also receive the same benefit in this new PR pathway.

Under the current instrument, there is no age limit for those that fall within the definition of legacy 457

Eligible applicants are someone who:

  • Held a 457 on or after 18 April 2017
  • Was in Australia for at least 12 months between 1st February 2020 and 14 December 2021

This change only happens after the 1st of July 2022.

There is also new programs to allow third onshore 482 visa.

Australia Federal budget 2022-23

There is big news after the release of the Australian Federal Budget for the next financial year.

The migration planning levels will remain at 160,000.

But the distribution has changed significantly.

Skilled visa streams will account for two-thirds of the program.

It will increase to 109,900 in the following program year.

This rise in allocations will distribute to Employer-sponsored visas and skilled visas 189,190 and 491.

Business and Investment visas experience a modest drop to 9,500 from 13,500.

This may not affect much on the stream because it may not reach the allocations.

Global Talent Visa also sees a reduction in places.

However, in 2021, while there was an allocation of 15,000, just over 9000 was granted.

The government will also invest more to continue the global business, and talent taskforce.

This will further attract talented individuals and international investment to Australia.

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Working holidaymakers places will increase by 11,000 in 2022-23.

Other streams like family and partner visas will witness a significant drop with the focus on skilled streams.

But these streams were nearly doubled during the covid pandemic.

More details are covered in this video here.

State Nomination - Skilled Regional Visa 491 and Skilled Nominated Visa 190 updates

South Australia Skilled Visa 491 and 190

Following Tasmania, WA, and NT, South Australia has announced its Visa 491 quotas are almost empty.

However, this is a perfect time for someone who is seeking Visa 190 nominations which are direct PR in South Australia.

SA Skilled & Business migration are prioritizing:

  • Subclass 190 applications - Applicants who are eligible for South Australia state nomination will have higher chance to be invited.
  • Candidates with their 485 visa expiring within this program year 2021-2022
  • Highly skilled workers with full-time employment for a South Australian employer

We have more than 10 years of experience in South Australia Skilled Visa 491/190. Please book an appointment for the best advice

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Tasmania Skilled Visa 491 and 190

Tasmania has announced having a limited allocations remaining.They have requested more investigation for other places.

However, there has been no positive news until now.

More than 1,480 applications are yet to be decided.

Only 1300 places remaining, Migration Tasmania will prioritize applicants who are employed directly related to their skills assessment.

Some applications may be held over to the new program year.

But you will be considered based on the arrangements at the lodgment time.

Tasmanian Skilled Migration has published a consultation paper that invites public comment.

It is reviewing the migration requirements and setting for the next program year.

Overall, there are more positive pathways :

  • Long term residence pathways for 491 and 190 skilled visa nominations.
  • Graduate pathways updates of the requirement for Tasmania Graduate

Non-student visa holders who complete courses on the priority list can be considered Tas graduates.

Applicants must have 3 months of work experience in the nominated occupation post-graduation.

  • Business owner requirement has changed to 12 months of operation.
  • Tasmania will remove its skilled occupation list for overseas applicants.

Offshore applicants can now receive invitations after lodgment of EOI.

This new proposal is for review now.

Public comments are welcome to enhance Tasmania’s migration settings.

Western Australia Skilled Visa 491 and 190 Updates

WA has announced additional nomination allocations for its state nomination program.

New applications are now being accepted.

All on-hand applications will be proceeded with and be contacted as required.

The following invitation round will be held in the first week of May and June.

Other states such as NSW Skilled Visa 491 or Victoria State nomination has not yet been changed recently. However, it seems to be very competitive in these states with a large number of applications on hand.

Clients can consider moving regional to seek 491 or 190 nominations earlier.

DAMA opens more in QLD, WA, and NSW

There is a DAMA Revolution going on for Regional Australia.

This gives skilled workers more pathways to permanent residency in Australia.

There are new DAMAs for the following Regions:

  • Far North Queensland
  • Orana, NSW
  • East Kimberly and Pilbara, WA

Some changes have been adjusted for NT DAMA.

Northern Territory DAMA 

NT DAMA has made some changes to support the Territory businesses with workforce shortages.

Key changes include:

  • More streamlined framework for employers to access workers over 5 year period
  • More flexible permanent resident pathway
  • 24 new occupations including lower-skilled occupations in agriculture
  • Higher age limit
  • Lower English requirement for tradies

Far North Queensland

The Australian government ensures that Far North QLD remains fit for the evolution of the regional labor market

Queensland is always famous for its tourist destinations.

These new changes in DAMA can support the economic impact on the tourism and hospitality sectors.

A range of occupations will become available for businesses to source workers.


DAMA of Pilbara will commence on 9 May 2022.

This will allow 66 occupations in Engineering, trades, Childcare, aged care, and health services to get access.

Employment opportunities are abundant on offer there in Pilbara.

East Kimberly DAMA

Businesses in East Kimberly can now access workers of more than 100 occupations.

The mining industry has covered a large economic output in East Kimberly.

However, the health care and social assistance industry is driving to be the largest employment sector.

Significant investment has taken part in the expansion of this area.

That will support growth in both the agricultural and tourism sectors

Orana, NSW

65 occupations have been open in the Orana region for businesses to source workers

This provides access to critical workers for jobs unable to be filled locally.

A skilled migrant workforce plays an important role in helping Orana fill the vacancies.

Skill level 4,5 occupations like aged care workers, security officers, or waiters are critical to the region.

DAMA and its streamlined migration pathway can attract skilled workers to fill the labor shortages.

Complete detail about DAMA in Australia will be published soon on our website.

Working holiday makers

Australia will open its doors to more working holiday makers.

New measures have been introduced to support current Australia’s tourism and trade sector.

There are now 47 countries globally with access to Australia’s work and holiday program.

A 30% cap increase to the working holiday programs.

Commencing on July 2022:

  • Australia will open to 500 young people from Brazil
  • Another 100 places for Mongolia
  • Cap increase up to 1000 places for the Slovak Republic
  • Hungary and Austria will also have a cap increased to 500 places
  • Italian and Danish who are aged 35 and under can now get access to the program.

Australia and India’s trade Agreement

Good news for Indians who are interested in working in Australia

In the new Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, 1000 work and holiday places for Indians have been allocated.

Those Indian students awarded first-class honors will have additional 2 or 3 years’ stay.

They must complete a STEM or ICT bachelor’s degree.

Agriculture Visa

Vietnam and Australia have signed the bilateral agreement for the Agriculture Visa program.

This will allow workers from Vietnam to work on Australian farms.

This agreement helps address the shortage in the agriculture industry for the medium and long term.

However, the application process has not yet published in detail.

Please stay tuned and subscribe to our channel for more updates.

Some changes in Pandemic Event Covid-19 Visa 408

Applicants must hold a valid visa with work rights 90 days or less from ceasing to apply for pandemic event Visa 408

Such a visa that was more than 28 days from the application will not be accepted.

You must be in Australia to apply for a 408 visa.

Evidence of employment or an offer of work should be attached to the application.

Visa for Ukrainians

We have received our fist visa grant for Ukrainians

I expect more measures from the Australian government in the future


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