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The difference between TSS 482 (Medium and Short term) vs DAMA program

The difference between TSS 482 (Medium and Short term) vs DAMA program

DAMA program can access either the Labour Agreement stream of the 482 visa, or the Labour Agreement stream of the 494.

For the purposes of this article, I will focus on the DAMA 482 programs and comparing it with TSS 482 Medium Term stream and TSS 482 Short Term Stream.

For anyone who has been on TSS 482 Short term in Australia during the pandemic, you might be eligible for a PR Pathway to 186 Visa. Read TSS 482 Short to PR here !

Application Process of DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

The medium-term and short-term 482 processes consist of:

  • Skills assessment (depending on occupation & country of passport)
  • Standard Business Sponsorship
  • Nomination application
  • Visa application

The DAMA process is:

  • Designated Area Representative Endorsement
  • Skills verification (for some DARs and occupations)
  • Labour Agreement
  • Nomination
  • Visa application

More steps are required in the DAMA process due to the lower requirement on skills and occupations skill level.

Employer Requirements for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

Employer side requirements are reasonably consistent between these programs. It is still required to show though market testing that there are not enough Australians to fill the role you require.

Caveats from the medium-term and short-term stream programs do not apply to the DAMA programs.

There are more factors for a business to be eligible to join this program.

Read more about these visa requirement for employer here >

Costs for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

The application fees for the 482 and DAMA programs are comparable.

Most DARs do not require any payment for the endorsement process.

Processing Times of DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

Processing times are different between streams for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa:

5-14 months current estimate for short-term stream.

3-7 months current estimate for the medium-term stream.

2-6 months estimate for the labour agreement stream that the DAMA programs use.

DAMA is currently prioritized since it helps the economic in Regional Areas where employers are crying out for skilled workers. Hence, the processing time for DAMA applicants are faster than other streams.

Trusted source to look at for Visa Application Processing Time :

Skilled Occupations List for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

Skilled Occupation List for DAMA in South Australia

Skilled Occupation List for DAMA in Northern Territory

Not all occupations from the medium-term stream or short-term stream feature in the DAMA programs.

The DAMA program is designed to sit alongside the medium-term and short-term, and create opportunities the area needs that are not being catered for by the other streams.

As such, DAMA programs often

  • Include occupations on the short-term stream, to provide a 4 year visa (instead of 2) and give a pathway to PR
  • have ANZSCO occupations that are not listed for the medium-term or short-term programs
  • include newly concreated occupations that are not listed on the ANZSCO, but for which there is demand in the area

Age Requirement for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

There is no age requirement for the 482 visa. Under the medium-term stream, to apply for PR under the 186 Temporary Residence Transition program, you need be under 45.

DAMA programs often provide a concession to this requirement. They also have benefits for the 494 program, for which the employer-sponsored stream is entirely “under 45”.

As of recent changes, the SA DAMA is now “have not turned 55 years of age at the time of SESR or ENS nomination” for most occupations.

English Requirement for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

Visa 482 requirements are:

Medium-term stream – IELTS 5.0 overall with a at least 5 in each band

Short-term stream - IELTS 5.0 overall with a at least 4.5 in each band

Tailored English concessions are provided in the DAMA programs. English concessions are not usually available for “professional” occupations where communication in English is central to work life, but for trade and other occupations, English concessions can be available. In the South Australian DAMA, the concession for the 482 is down to IELTS 5.0 and at least 4.0 in each of the bands.

Skilled Work Experience Requirement for DAMA and TSS 482 Visa

For the 482 visa program, medium-term and short-term streams, you need to show that you meet the ANZSCO requirements, as well as having 2-years full-time experience in your occupation in the last 5 years.

Some occupations are required to provide a skills assessment:

For the DAMA programs, skills requirements very considerably. Some occupations under the SA DAMA program only require as little as 1 year of experience in the last 3 years, with only 20 hours per week. Generally these applicants must have a formal qualification in their field, such as a Certificate 3.

Market Salary Concessions under DAMA

The salary for a medium-term or short-term 482 Visa must be at least the TSMIT of $53,900.

Some DAMA programs have a concession to this. Most commonly, it is 10% of the TSMIT, meaning the salary for the position can be $48,510 or higher.

We highly recommend to talk to our experts to check if you are eligible for this program.

While the medium-term stream and short-term stream 482 visa and DAMA program are highly related, there are key differences between the programs that improve access for employers in Designated Areas to the skills they need. Where an applicant fits into the medium-term stream and short-term stream, there is rarely incentive to go through the DAMA program instead, however, for those that are not able to get what they need out of the medium-term and short-term streams, the DAMA program can often offer a solution.


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