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SA State Nomination 491/190 - If I Am Not Working In My Nominated Occupation, Am I Eligible For Visa 190 or Visa 491?

SA State Nomination 491/190 - If I Am Not Working In My Nominated Occupation, Am I Eligible For Visa 190 or Visa 491?

Can I be eligible for state nomination (491/190) from Migration SA if I am not working in my nominated occupation?

South Australia Visa 491/190 program is one of the most generous program in Australia. There are plenty of allocations for Skilled visa 491 and 190 in South Australia comparing to the small number of international students and workers here.

Therefore, South Australia has many streams for skilled migrants (the highest number of migration streams available among all states and territories).

Know the complicating of South Australia Skilled Visa 491 and 190 nomination streams, we are writing this blog for someone who is seeking permanent residency pathway when you are not working in your nominated occupation or if you are from Melbourne or Sydney and not confident to get your nominated job in South Australia.

A common question that we have been asked many times is:

"How can I get 491 or 190 state nominations from SA if I am working as an Aged Care Worker or a Disability Care Worker, whereas my nominated occupation is totally different such as Accountant or ICT related? "

Work Experience Exemption streams in South Australia State Nomination 491 visa and 190 Visa Available

Usually, to get state nomination for a General Skilled Migration visa, there is a requirement of work experience in the nominated occupation or in any closely related field.

SA is even providing a more generous definition of closely related occupation.

They do not use the first 4 digits of ANZSCO code to determine closely related. They expand the list by accepting first 2 digits or even all occupations in the same skill assessing authority will be counted as closely related occupation.

However, it varies between each occupation. We highly recommend you look up your own occupation on the website to check your closely related options.

For skilled migrants who are not able to find a job or who are working in Aged Care or Disability sector that is not related to their major, these streams are perfectly fit for your Australian Permanent Residency purpose.

Migration SA provides exemptions  for people who are living and working in outer regional South Australia or for people who are long term residents of SA.

Here are some of the exemptions you might be interested in:


  • Exemptions for applicants living and working in OUTER REGIONAL SOUTH AUSTRALIA in any occupation

Outer Regional SA Visa 491 and 190 Work Experience Exemption

There are certain concessions to work experience requirements if you are living and working in outer regional of South Australia.

Check South Australia Eligible Outer Regional postcodes here >

According to this stream, Applicants living and working in outer regional South Australia for the last 12 months in any occupation (does not have to be a skilled occupation nor related to your nominated occupation) may be eligible to be nominated for a 491-visa nomination

Applicants living and working for the last 24 months in outer regional South Australia in any occupation, may be eligible to be nominated for 190 visa nomination

To be considered eligible for this stream, you must be currently living and working in SA Regional areas. 

What to be considered before apply for living and working in outer regional of South Australia Visa 491 and 190?

Missing one of those requirement will not be eligible for visa 491 or 190 in South Australia State Nomination.

If you are working remotely and currently living in outer regional of South Australia, it may not be counted as being eligible for the stream.

If you are studying in Greater Adelaide Area and living in outer regional of South Australia, you may not be eligible for the 491 or 190 nomination in SA.

Lower skilled occupations like cleaners, waitors and waitresses ARE ELIGIBLE as long as you are earning taxable income from a company in Regional of South Australia.

Get PR in South Australia Vissa 491190 working in low skilled occupation waitors waitress cleaners

  • Exemptions for international graduates of SA or their partners who are living and working in SA (including Greater Adelaide) as a long-term resident/s:

This may be a good option for applicants who have finished their studies from SA and are living and working in SA (including greater Adelaide) being long term residents of SA.

Under these exemptions, you may be eligible for subclass 491 nomination, if you have been living in SA for the last 3 years and you are working in SA for the last 12 months in a skilled occupation that is not your nominated occupation, including all Skill Level 1, 2, 3 occupations and Skill Level 4 Carers and Aides occupations.

For many graduates, they must have been in Adelaide for at least 2 years plus their temporary graduate visa 485  or Post study Work 485 Visa (These are 2 different streams under Subclass 485 Visa). Attaining 3 years of living and working in South Australia is so straightforward.

Those who are studying or complete their study in Accounting, ICT Major, Social Work, Community Work or Engineering in Australia will take the most advantage from long term resident SA 491 stream. 

With those students, they may at least be eligible for 491 if they work as aged care workers or disability support worker in South Australia for State Nomination Visa 491.

Please be mindful that lower skilled occupations such as cleaners, waitors or waitresses, kitchenhands are NOT eligible for the stream.

Please talk to our immigration lawyer to see if your current employment is eligible for the program.

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  • Work Exemptions for temporary visa holders residing in SA for 5 years:

You may be eligible for 491 nomination if you are residing in SA (including greater Adelaide) from last 5 years are currently working for the last 12 months in SA in a skilled occupation that is not your nominated occupation, including all Skill Level 1, 2, 3 occupations and Skill Level 4 Carers and Aides occupations.

Lower skilled occupations are not eligible

Not all the occupations have these exemptions available. We recommend that you check the requirements for your nominated occupation on SA Migration website before applying.

Who gets the benefit of SA nomination streams for Visa 491 and Visa 190?

Some of the occupations including Accountants and ICT related occupations, Social work, Community work or Engineering professionals are taking the most advantage of those streams above.

Those are courses that can get skill assessment immediately post-qualification without requirement of work experience canhave a lot of benefit of these streams in South Australia.

Especially, for international students interstate such as Melbourne or Sydney, you only need at least 12 months to apply for 491 visa or 24 months for 190 visa in South Australia Outer regional Area.

You may have a lot of work experience in Aged Care or Disability support, good time, South Australia is facing a severe shortage in health care sector in which having plenty of vacancies.

No matter who you are, where you studied or completed your study, South Australia always have an option for you to secure your Permanent Residency Pathway.

If you need help with deciding what your best option for South Australia state nomination visa 491 and 190, our team at Work Visa Lawyers is happy to help!




Sumandeep Grewal , Registered Migration Agent at Work Visa Lawyers (MARN 2117667)


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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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