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Australian ICT Graduates – one day could cost $12,000 and one year of your life! Get your ACS skills assessment in before the 15 January 2014!


The ACS has announced changes to skills assessments that will effect Australian ICT graduates!

The skills assessment criteria up until the 14 Jan 2014 does not require any experience for Australian Graduates with a Bachelor or higher and an ICT Major.  From the 15 January 2014 to get a full skills assessment for migration purposes Australian Graduates with an ICT Major will need to do a ACS professional year or have one year of work experience.

Here is a summary of the changes, released by the ACS on 28 October 2013:

“The following changes will come into effect on Jan 15, 2014:

· The ACS Temporary Graduate – 485 skills assessment will clearly state that it is specifically for the purpose of applying for a subclass 485 visa application. Applicants with an Australian study component that are applying for a subclass 485 visa will be assessed on the Australian qualification only, based on the completion of the relevant Australian Bachelor degree or higher.

· Applicants with an Australian study component that wish to apply for permanent residency will require either 1 year of relevant work experience or completion of an ACS Professional Year Program to receive a suitable skills assessment which can be used for general migration purposes.

· The ACS Post Australian Study skills assessment is intended to support graduates in applying for permanent residency under the General Skilled Migration or Employer Nomination Scheme after completing an Australian study component.

· The Australian study component is taken into consideration because of the value of studying in Australia and the exposure to Australian culture and language, which in turn places applicants in a better position to be employed in their nominated occupation.

· The work experience or professional year program is assessed for suitability of the full skills assessment and the applicant is considered skilled from the completion date of the relevant Australian degree. The Post Australian Study skills assessment can be used for migration purposes in general.”

What are the Requirements for the ACS professional year?

The professional year must meet the following criteria:

“The PYear Program delivers:

  • 44 -52 weeks practical training, face to face study and workshops 
  • 12 week hands-on internship with a host company 
  • access to networking opportunities and professional development as a graduate member of the Australian ICT industry's professional body 
  • on successful completion of a Professional Year program specified by the Minister, a participant may be awarded 5 points under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)”


Who is currently providing the ACS professional year?

Education providers that are currently offering products in relation to the ACS professional year include: 

Performance Education -

Holmesglen -

How Much will the professional year cost?

From the courses I have surveyed above, the fees for the ACS approved professional year appear to be in the range fo $11,000 to $13,000 for the course.


ACS press release:

Warning -This information is accurate on the 02 DEC 2013.  

DIBP and the ASC can change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging a skills assessment or visa application. 

Do you Need Help with an ACS Skills Assessment or Visa Application?


If you require further information or assistance with a skills assessment or visa application , we can help you.

Contact us on (08) 7225 5091 or +61 8 7225 5091

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