Stage 1 - Regional Certifying Body Advice

The first step in making an application for an RSMS visa it to apply to a Regional Certifying Body for advice. Regional Certifying Bodies, commonly referred to as RCBs are state and territory government agencies, local chambers of commerce, local government councils and regional development bodies.

RCB advice provides DIBP with an assessment of:

  • recruitment efforts by the employer
  • genuine need for the position
  • local labour market conditions
  • specific regional development requirements

Each RCB has different evidentiary requirements for an RCB advice application and it is important to understand the requirements and provide the necessary information. 

Without a RCB approval your RSMS visa is likely to be refused by the DIBP.


Stage 2 - Nomination Application by an Australian Employer

The second stage of the RSMS visa application process is a nomination application submitted by a suitable employer.

The employer will need to:

  • offer a position that is available for at least two years from the time the RSMS visa is granted.
  • nominate an occupation on one of the occupation lists relevant for the RSMS visa
  • apply for a Regional Certifying Body (RCB) certification


Stage 3 – Visa Application

Visa applicant requirements for the RSMS Direct Entry

Applicants applying for the RSMS Direct Entry visa need to meet English, skills and age requirements.

  • meet skills and qualification requirement specific to occupation skill level
  • meet qualification requirements
  • hold appropriate full Australian Registration if required

               -  for example a General Practitioner (Medical) will need a full, unrestricted licence to practice in Australia. An Electrician will need a full Australian licence.

  • be under the age of 50

Some exemptions can apply to age and English criteria in some cases.

Visa applicant requirements for the Temporary Transition Stream for existing 457 visa holders

The key requirements for a 457 visa holder to apply for the RSMS via Temporary Transition are:

  • the applicant must have held the 457 visa and worked under the same employer for at least 2 out of the last 3 years before applying. There are very limited exceptions for this.
  • the employer has paid the correct salary, superannuation and withheld taxes for the work done under the 457 visa employment.
  • the employer meets the Training Benchmark requirements. This means that the employer has provided an acceptable amount of training for its Australian citizen and permanent resident employees, or has made a contribution to a relevant industry training fund.

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