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Western Australia resumes State Sponsorship and RCB services with changes! All applications submitted before the suspension are SAFE!

Western Australia resumes State Sponsorship and RCB services with changes! All applications submitted before the suspension are SAFE!

The Western Australia (WA) state government has announced the following with regards to the state migration services:

  • An interim Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) is now in place for all new state sponsorship/nomination applications
  • The Regional Certification Body (RCB) applications for subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa nominations are now open for regional WA and excludes Perth
  • All applications submitted before the suspension on 13 March 2017 will be processed according to criteria and policy effective at that time

More on the changes below.


What is the interim Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL)?

The interim WASMOL currently comprises of the following occupations:









Medical Board of Australia​​




Medical Board of Australia​​​




Medical Board of Australia




Medical Board of Australia​



Renal medicine specialist

Medical Board of Australia​




​​​Medical Board of Australia​




Medical Board of Australia​​​



Surgeon (general)

​​​Medical Board of Australia​



Cardiothoracic surgeon

Medical Board of Australia​​​




​​​Medical Board of Australia​



Orthopaedic surgeon

Medical Board of Australia




​​Medical Board of Australia​




Medical Board of Australia



Vascular surgeon

​​Medical Board of Australia​




Medical Board of Australia

Available ​


Obstetrician and gynaecologist

​​​Medical Board of Australia​




Medical Board of Australia

Available ​



​​​Medical Board of Australia​



Diagnostic and interventional radiologist

​​Medical Board of Australia



Radiation oncologist

​​​​​​Medical Board of Australia​​​


Source: Skilled Migration Western Australia

As you can see the only occupations currently available for a subclass-190 State Nominated visa and subclass-489 Skilled Regional Sponsored visa sponsorship are all medical professionals. At the time of writing there are no options available for other skilled workers to seek state nomination.


I was waiting to submit a RCB application with my employer in Perth. Is Perth eligible for the RCB certification?

Skilled Migration WA has listed the following regions to be suitable for RCB certification:

  • Gascoyne;
  • Great Southern;
  • Kimberley;
  • Mid West;
  • Peel;
  • Pilbara;
  • South West; and
  • Wheatbelt.

Metropolitan Perth is no longer suitable for RCB certification or a RSMS visa application at this time.


I submitted my state nomination/RCB application before the suspension. What will happen to my application now?

Skilled Migration WA has announced that all state nomination and RCB certification applications submitted before the suspension on 13 March 2017 will be processed according to the criteria and requirements at that time.

If you meet the requirements when you applied before 13 March 2017, your application will be processed and approved accordingly.






Comments by Chris Johnston – Principal Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent at Work Visa Lawyers

It is positive news that all applications submitted before the suspension will be processed according to the previous requirements. While the suspension left many concerned and nervous for about 2 weeks, they can now be at ease that the applications submitted will be alright.

New applicants may now consider other options if the original state nomination or RCB application with WA is now no longer available. If you are looking for a state sponsorship, you may wish to consider other Australian states and territories. If your employer is still keen to sponsor you, you may have to apply for a subclass 457 Temporary Work visa instead.

The Interim WASMOL is entirely made up of medical professionals, which indicates that WA is keen to keep hold of its medical professionals. However the list is very limited and does not cover nurses or enrolled nurses.

The short list of occupations also means that all other professions are no longer suitable to seek state sponsorship from WA. It is also disheartening that there are no special exemptions for graduates of WA (at time of writing). Hopefully more encouraging changes will come for the graduates and perhaps a similar scheme to the Immigration South Australia graduate waivers may be considered.


This information is accurate on 29 March 2017


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