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South Australia continue processing 190/491 & Business visa EOI - NEW SA occupation lists & criteria in late November 2020

South Australia continue processing 190/491 & Business visa EOI - NEW SA occupation lists & criteria in late November 2020

On 16 October 2020, Move to South Australia has announced that South Australia 2020/2021 skilled & Business Migration Program will have further updates in late November 2020. There may be further update in terms of skilled migration with new occupation lists & updated criteria & Business migration with updated criteria. An exact date is not known at the moment.  


Move to South Australia was originally planning to open Skilled & Business Migration Program in the mid of the October 2020, after the Federal Migration Budget 2020 announcement.


The Skilled Migration Program

The current Skilled Migration Program will remain in effect. Invitations will keep being issued to Expressions of Interests which are classified as the skills required supporting SA’s economic recovery and public health response to the COVID-19 Pandenmic. 


SA State Nomination Interim Requirements

SA State Nomination Interim Requirements for Business and Skilled Migration will continue to apply until late November 2020. 

Interim State Nomination Process Model August 2020

  1. Submit EOI
  2. Only if you are living in outer regional South Australia, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know you have submitted an EOI!
  3. Move to South Australia review available EOIs and select who they want to invite
  4. If your EOI is chosen, you will be invited to submit a state nomination application with Move to South Australia (This must be submitted within 10 business days!)
  5. If approved by Move to South Australia, you will then receive an invitation through SkillSelect (This may take up to 6 to 8 weeks)
  6. Lodge skilled visa


SA State Nomination Occupation Lists 

There is currently no occupation list for South Australia state nomination.

The Move to South Australia Occupations List will be available from Late-November 2020.

This means South Australia might choose any candidates listed in the 491 visa or 190 visa occupation lists before Late November 2020. 


Business Innovation & Investment Program (BIIP) 

Business visa applicants can still lodge your interests for Business Innovation & Investment Program (BIIP). Your intention to apply remains eligible for any subsequent rounds. It is not clear when the fututure rounds may take place. 

Move to South Australia will be focused on securing high quality operators who can make a large positive contribution to the South Australian economy, industry and employment outcomes.

Business Innovation and Investment program includes:

This is disappointing news for those who want to do General Skilled Migration & Business Innovation & Investment Program (BIIP) in South Australia. 

However, you may be eligible to apply for a Global Talent Independent program:

  • If you are a recent PHD or Master graduate with a high GPA (80% +) in the field of technology industry, or
  • If you are a High-income individual with AUD 153,600 salary annually; 
  • and meet the other program requirements.

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