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Global Talent Visa Australia - Is Australia Competing In The Talent Pool?

Two years of international border closures that locked out migrants and led to labour and skills shortages across the economy makes it difficult to fathom Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil’s decision to cull 27 jobs from the list of occupations eligible to receive a priority skilled visa to work in Australia.

Amid the hacking of Optus, Australia is now shaking up to find highly skilled people in Cyber security and IT field and sending them to the back of the queue.

As clearly seen, during covid-19, where every single work had been shifted to online platforms and the wave of migrants and international students running out of the country, the needs of highly skilled and talented people have been raised significantly.

That opened up a new popular Global Talent Visa program, a fast tracked permanent residency of Australia pathway for skilled migrants who are recognized internationally with projects and researches.

Up until today, there have been many ups and downs regarding the popularity of the Global Talent Visa program.

What is Global Talent Visa Australia?

You may have heard of other Global Talent Visa in Canada and the UK, Australia also has Global Talent Visa program that attracts highly skilled and talented workers around the globe.

The program was deemed to be the most popular offshore skilled migration pathway during the pandemic.

Thanks to its fast tracked Permanent Residency and no post-granted restrictions or obligations like many other visas such as visa 491 to work in regional areas and visa 190 to stay in the nominated state or territory for another period of time.

There are 4 core requirements to be met if you were invited to apply for a Global Talent Visa:

- Your skills must be in 10 Targeted Sectors of Global Talent Visa program in Australia 

- You must have internationally recoginition or achievement that is significant in your field of expertise.

- Meet the High Income Threshold of Australia that is currently at 162,000 Australian Dollar per annum

- Need to have a nominator who is prominent in your field and be a Permanent Residency or Australian citizen. 

Global Talent Visa latest updates November 2022

Recently, Global Talent Visa program has received some negative news starting from the interview of Ms Clare O'Neil saying that will only prioritize offshore applications now.

Up until today, the big news for the global talent Visa is that the allocations were updated on 26 October 2022.

The allocations had been cut from 8448 down to 5000 for the year ending 30 June 2023.

Global Talent Visa Australia

Global Talent Visa program had received 15,000 allocations at first place in 2019 and now coming down to 5000 for this financial year program 2023.

This is going to be worrying applicants who are currently got expression of interests sitting in the pool at awaiting a decision.

It’s likely that the Department of home affairs is becoming increasingly selective as to who it gives invitations, given the limited number of allocations available.

So what can be done, by those considering doing an Expression Of Interests, to help secure an invitation. 

The best step, might be to try to secure a recommendation from a Global Talent Officer, prior to doing the EOI. 

But this can also lead to the Global Talent Officer saying they are not going to recommend.  

This combines with the worrying comments from day Minister of Home Affairs recently that there would be a favourite of offshore applicants for global talent visas.

What does Australia look for now in the Skilled and Business Migration program?

I’m concerned that the changes in relation to global talent don’t reflect the amazing quality of candidates that Australia is receiving.

My view is a swing towards general skilled migration applications such as the 189, where there are now 32,100 places available for this year, will not result in the high calibre of applicants that global talent visas produces.

Many of the high calibre applicants for the GTV, will not do skills assessments and english tests and calculate points, when they are already in high paying jobs overseas.. 

With amid of Optus hack and hard hit from Covid-19, Australia is looking for hihgly skilled people like professional engineers, doctors, teachers which were clearly mentioned in the Direction 100- Priority Processing for Skilled Visa.

The reduction in priorities for Global Talent Visa is actually a very confusing step with what they have said with the media and what's been done recently.

However, on our professional view, 5000 allocations are probably a little short but not too short. Last year has recorded only half of the 15,000 places been granted GTI 858 visa.

So this number is for the government to shift their main focus on Offshore skilled migration and employer sponsorship program.

A small bit of positive news for the Global Talent Visa Australia

The number of places available for distinguished talent was increased from 200 to 300.
This will be seen as encouraging to buy people who don’t easily fit within a sector, but overall the criteria for a distinguished talent Visa is very high, having to be at the top of your field
internationally in the world.

Immigration Lawyer's advice on the current situation

According to the last article we talked about the priority processing order for Global Talent Visa program in Australia.

These are:

  1. Those that have the confirmed support of a Global Talent Officer
  2. The EOIs from Hong Kong nationals and residents
  3. Candidates of extremely high calibre including those who meet the high-income threshold.

Those EOIs that clearly do not meet the criteria for the Global Talent Visa may receive an early unsuccessful notification.

About the Business visa & Global Talent Team

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