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Nominator for Global Talent Visa Applicants in ICT & Cyber Security - Australian Computer Society

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The Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa is an easy pathway to Australian permanent residency for those that can qualify. Often, potential GTI applicants will have met all of the requirements but are unable to find a nominator. One of the most common barriers that GTI applicants may encounter, especially offshore applicants, is locating an Australian person or organisation to nominate them. As the national body for the ICT sector, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) is willing to provide nominations for GTI applicants. 


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One of the requirements of a GTI visa is for the applicant to be nominated by an Australian person or organisation who has a national reputation in the same field as the applicant. For many offshore GTI applicants, this requirement may be difficult especially when they have not had the chance to network with people in their field.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has recently indicated that they will be providing nominations for some applicants for the GTI visa program.

They are focused on the following target sectors:

The cost for this service is currently set at AUD $500, to account for time spent assessing the candidate.

They are open to nominating applicants who are both overseas or in Australia.


ACS Nomination Process

Step 1: Lodge an Expression of Interest with the Department of Home Affairs.

Step 2: If eligible, the Department of Home Affairs will provide a Global Talent Identifier number.

Step 3: Send your CV to ACS with an explanation of your relevant qualifications, skills and experience in one of the sectors above.

Step 4: If suitable, ACS will progress your application and ask for the nomination fee. Further information may be requested. You may need to attend an interview with ACS.

Step 5: ACS will complete the nomination form and provide you with a nomination letter for the visa application.


The ACS will be nominating candidates who can show they will be an asset to their industry in Australia. This will be an advocacy driven process, in a similar way to the GTI visa program as a whole. Therefore it is important that any submissions for a nomination from ACS will demonstrate the applicant's skills and expertise in their relevant field.


How can Work Visa Lawyers help?

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