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Enrolled Nurse shifted to ‘Special Conditions Apply’ for SA State Sponsorship for Australian Visas

Enrolled Nurse occupation status has changed on SA State Nomination List (SNOL) – the status is now ‘Special Conditions Apply’

Enrolled Nurse and SA State SponsorshipAvailability Downgraded to ‘Special Conditions Apply’ – effectively restricting sponsorship to SA Graduates


There has recently been a change to the ‘Availability Status’ of the occupation of Enrolled Nurse for SA state sponsorship.  The occupation availability has changed on the State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL). The status has been changed from ‘Low Availability’ to low availability.  

This change may be a concern for those who are looking for SA state sponsorship as a Enrolled Nurse.  The reason for concern is that it is only mid-way into the program year which started from 1 July 2013 and runs to 30 June 2014.  With the downgrade to ‘low availability’, Enrolled Nurse may at a later time be moved to the SA ‘Off-List’. The SA ‘Off-List’ is only available to SA graduates.

The special conditions apply criteria on the 26 January 2014 were as follows:

“South Australian international graduates currently residing in South Australia, interstate or offshore

South Australian international graduates must meet all state nomination requirements, as well as requirements 6.1 and either 6.2 or 6.3 depending on the qualification completed.

Occupations listed as “Special Conditions Apply” are available to:

6.1South Australian (SA) international graduates who studied at a South Australian institution.Applicants must have completed a CRICOS registered qualification in South Australia with a minimum duration of one academic year (CRICOS registered for a minimum of 46 weeks)

6.1.1Applicants currently residing in South Australia must have completed a Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification in South Australia.


6.1.2Applicants currently residing offshore or interstate must have completed a Higher Education qualification (Bachelor Degree or higher) in South Australia.

Documents required: a copy of the academic transcript and a letter of completion from the institution.

6.2Graduates with a Higher Education Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree or higher, must meet one of the following:

6.2.1Currently working in a skilled occupation (minimum 30 hours per week) in South Australia. The skilled occupation must be ANZSCO level 1 to 4 and listed on the State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) or Immigration SA’s current Offlist.


6.2.2Have met the general work experience requirement as per nomination criteria 7. If an applicant is claiming Australian work experience, 50% of this must be South Australian work experience.

Documents required for work experience: A letter from the employer confirming commencement date, job title, duties and tasks, salary and number of hours worked per week.

Consideration will be given to applicants (currently residing in South Australia) who are a PhD or Masters by Research SA graduates who don’t meet work experience requirement 6.2.1 or 6.2.2. To be considered, applicants must have an IELTS of 7.0 in each band score or 7.5 overall.

6.3Graduates with a VET Diploma or Certificate must be currently working in a skilled occupation (minimum 30 hours per week) in South Australia. The skilled occupation must be ANZSCO level 1 to 4 and listed on the State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) or Immigration SA’s current Offlist. Priority will be given to applicants based on length of employment in South Australia.”

If you meet the SA State Sponsorship criteria, you should consider apply for State Sponsorship as soon as possible, while the occupation is still available on the list.


Enrolled Nurse still open in Qld and NT

However, NT is still sponsoring EN for both 489 and 190. QLD is sponsoring EN for 489.

With other states closing or placing restrictions on the Enrolled Nurse sponsorship, this will lead to higher numbers of applications for Qld and NT. 

SA is still sponsoring however, the ‘special conditions apply’ status restricts access to SA graduates.

Warning -This information is accurate on the 26 January 2014.  

DIBP and the State/Territory authorities can change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging a skills assessment or visa application. 


The Immigration SA website:

The State Nomination Occupation List (SNOL):

The eligibility requirement for SA state sponsorship:

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