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Changes to 457 visa program announced and reactions from business

Changes to 457 visa program announced

On the 23 February 2013 the Minister for Immigration Brendan O'Connor announced that there will be changes to the 457 visa program.

The changes announced are:

“Under the changes:

  • Employers must demonstrate that they are not nominating positions where a genuine shortage does not exist
  • The English language requirements for certain positions have been raised
  • The enforceability of existing training requirements for businesses that use the program will be strengthened
  • The market salary exemption will rise from $180 000 to $250 000
  • On-hire arrangements of 457 visa workers will be restricted
  • Compliance and enforcement powers will be beefed up to stop employers who have routinely abused the 457 system
  • Stakeholders will be consulted to ensure market rate provisions more effectively protect local employment.”

What we still do not know?

The details of the changes to English levels changes have not been released.

The date from which the changes will be implemented.  It has been reported that the changes will be from the 1 June 2013:

But there has not been an official release on the changes by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship as yet.

Reactions to the proposed changes

The announcement has been received negatively by Australian business:


If you want to know more?

You can contact Chris Johnston at Work Visa Lawyers.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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