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Australian Immigration News October 2023: WA and Victoria Invitation Rounds, Positive China News and More

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State Sponsorship 190 and 491 Visas

The Australian states are now open for sponsorship under the 190 and 491 visas. Check the eligibility criteria for your desired state or territory to see if you qualify.

We have some articles for more information: South Australia / Queensland / Victoria / New South Wales.


Victorian Invitation Rounds

Victoria recently held an invitation round, inviting professionals in various occupations, including Marketing Specialists and Accountants. Having high points for a job in Victoria with a good salary seems to be a relevant consideration from the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government said that for offshore applicants they are only considering Health, Education, and Social Services.

Selection rounds will continue through September 2023, with the program closing in early 2024. Submit your Registration of Interest as soon as possible.


Western Australia

Western Australia also had the first invitation round for 190 and 491 visas. Some occupations invited were in priority WA Industries: building and construction; healthcare and social assistance; hospitality and tourism; and o education and training. The invitations were to people living in WA, living in other states, and offshore.


Employer-Sponsored 482 to PR in Two Years

If you have held a 457 or 482 visa for over two years, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Click here to read more about Permanent Residency for employer-sponsored 482 visa holders after 2 years.


Big news coming soon

It is expected that the Minister for Home Affairs will announce the plans for reforms in the next few days or weeks.

One of the changes that may be coming is Refining the Points test

In addition to points we have already covered; the table says better targeted skilled migration will:

  • Introduce new permanent skilled visa settings, including exploring a revised points test
  • The points reforms could include more points for skilled partners. 
  • A more granular system in terms of age and points, for example not losing 10 points when you turn 40. There is also the possibility of cuts to regional points.

Jobs and Skills Reports

The inaugural Jobs and Skills Report 2023 offers an initial evaluation of Australia's skills system, examining both its present state and future needs.

There is some useful information, such are the top 20 occupations in demand for each state.

For New South Wales the top 10 occupations in demand are:

1.            Registered Nurses

2.            Advertising and Sales Managers

3.            Software Application Programmers

4.            Child Carers

5.            Construction Managers

6.            Aged and Disability Carers

7.            General Medical Practitioners

8.            Retail Managers

9.            Motor Mechanics

10.         Retail Managers


Business and Investor Visas

While there are no allocations for this year, a new Investor Visa opportunity is in the works for the next financial year. The new Investor Visa is expected to be similar to the current Significant Investor Visa.

If you do not want to wait until new Business and Investor Visas are announced, you may consider the Global Talent Visa. We have some videos about the Global Talent Visa and a free Global Talent Visa assessment on our website.

We have an article about the new expected Significant Investor Visa. Click here to read more about it.


Australia and China

Approved Travel Agents from China

The Migration (Arrangements for Visitor (Class FA) visa applications) Amendment Instrument (LIN 23/074) 2023 is a significant development for travel agents in China. This update revises the list of approved travel agents in China who are authorized to facilitate visitor visa applications under the Approved Destination Status (ADS) stream.

This stream, which was suspended during the COVID pandemic, has now resumed, allowing smoother travel arrangements for visitors to Australia.

The Instrument came into effect on September 25, 2023, signifying a positive step toward enhancing the travel experience for those visiting from China.


Review Tariffs

China agrees to review tariffs of 220% on Australian wine ahead of Anthony Albanese's visit to Beijing.

Australian wine exports to China were worth $1.2 billion when the tariffs were initially imposed, and they have since been reduced to $8 million.

This is very good news for the Australian wine sector and the Australian economy.


Portrait of a senior man in blue shirt holding bunch of ripe pink grapes in his hands




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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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