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All Latest Australian Immigration Updates September 2022 - Global Talent Visa, Skilled 491/190 Visa, Skills Summit, Visa 189, 485 Visa Extension

All Latest Australian Immigration Updates September 2022 - Global Talent Visa, Skilled 491/190 Visa, Skills Summit, Visa 189, 485 Visa Extension

This article is updated regularly. Last updated: September 08, 2022

Overview Australia Immigration News September 2022

August and September 2022 saw big updates in the Skilled migration program in Australia.

Interim State Allocation has been announced with a significant increase in the number of permanent places.

South Australia was the last state to announce its skilled migration program be open.

With the higher number of allocations at around 50,000 total places, all states have announced a more positive skilled visa 491 and 190.

This brings big hope to many skilled migrants who are seeking Australian PR.

Following that, the jobs and skills summit held in Canberra on the 1,2 September 2022 has announced a lot of current Australian immigration initiatives.

There are some key points to be mentioned later in this blog regarding the summit outcomes.

There is still much more news to come in the future.

We believe this year’s migration program is very promising.

This article will discuss all the latest Australian Immigration updates in September and August 2022:

  • State Allocation Confirmation from Australian Government for Program year 2022-2023
  • State Nomination visa 491 and visa 190 Update
  • Visa 189 Skilled independent invitation round
  • Skills Summit Outcomes
  • Agriculture Industry challenges
  • Post Study work visa 485 Extension for Select degree (minimum 4 years duration)
  • SA Skilled Migration Program update
  • Business Visa Australia update on allocations and requirements

State Allocation 2022-2023 - Big Increase for Skilled Migration Program

The interim allocations for all states and territories have been released.

The total allocations have been up to about 50,000 this financial year.

There are massive allocations increases in permanent visa 190 with nearly doubling the places.

That shows a move to encourage permanent migration under the new labour government.

In more detail, NSW, Victoria, and WA see significant growth in both visa streams.

Other states have received more quotas than last year.

It is going to be a great year for skilled migrants who seek permanent residency in Australia

Skilled Migration Program Update - visa 190/491 updates in 2022

On the 25 of August, South Australia is the last state to announce the opening of their skilled visa 190/491 program.

There are many positive changes in all state nomination programs including:

  • Much simpler nomination criteria in all states
  • Fully opening for offshore application

In the scope of this video, we cannot demonstrate the criteria of each state.

However, you can always get access to it by the link above.

What you should do now?

Upon the opening of state nomination, all skilled workers should start to seek a suitable nomination.

First and foremost, please check your best occupation on each state’s skilled list.

Next, you should ensure that you have a valid SKILL ASSESSMENT and eligible English test result.

Calculating your EOI points and considering age points are also necessary.

So far there has been all positive news for international students and skilled migrants.

Hopefully, there will be more PR options in other streams like employer-sponsored.

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SA Skilled Migration Program - SA visa 491 and 190 2022-23 program year     

At its last announcement, SA has opened its skilled visa 491 and 190 to over 500 occupations

In that, 97 new occupations have been added to SA’s high-priority visa list including some popular ones like:

  • Finance manager/broker
  • Accountant
  • ICT occupations like Software engineer
  • Hairdressers
  • Community service workers
  • Project administrator

SA is now rolling out a “magnet state” campaign that attracts young people in Australia to come.

South Australia new state of mind

Premier Peter Malinauskas says:” you can have a global career in South Australia, living, studying, and working alongside the world’s current and emerging leaders, coming together to achieve great things.”

Tasmania State Nomination - Tasmania Skilled Visa 491 and 190

The Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program is expected to open to gold and green pass candidates by Monday 12 September 2022.

Please ensure that you meet the minimum requirements and have at least one gold or green priority attribute.

After that, you may be able to register your interest in the nomination.

NSW state nomination update - Skilled Occupation Lists - Visa 491 and 190 NSW 

NSW has published its skilled occupation list for visa 190 and visa 491.

There is new minimum point scores and years of work experience requirements for this program year for NSW visa 491 and NSW Visa 190.

Each unit group will have different minimum points and year of work experience required.

For example: Accountant needs 110 points and 3 years of work experience for 190 visa

Chefs will be required to meet 90 EOI points and at least 3 years work experience for 190 nomination. 

95 points are required for Chefs to get Visa 491 nomination in NSW

Great news for trades occupations, Teachers, and Social professionals like Social Work or community work.

NSW only requires those unit groups 65 or 70 points and no work experience for 190 or 491 nomination.

To check if you are eligible for NSW state nomination, book an appointment with us.

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Visa 189 Skilled independent invitations

There are thousands of invitations that have been sent out to long-standing EOIs.

Up until this week, the EOI points requirement has been high.

The minimum points for 189 in the last 2 years are around 90-95.

But now it has dropped.

We have seen a chef with only 65 points getting the invitation.

Many occupations have received invitations of 189 visa including:

- Nursing or medical and health occupations

- Engineer professionals (civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Structual Engineer, Electrical Engineer...)

- Chef

Many invitees have been caught out with expired English tests and skills assessments and are unable to take up the invitations.

Please ensure to check your document and take appropriate action to renew it.

If you hold a positive skill assessment in medium- and long-term skilled occupation and have good EOI points, you should give it a go

Or if you do not know where to start, book an appointment to talk to our Immigration Lawyer or Migration agents.

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Jobs and Skills Summit outcomes

The skills summit has been wrapped up.

Overall, the jobs and skills summit focus on dealing with current labour shortages and economy issues. A bigger, better trained and more productive workforce are the goal to acquire. The aim is to deliver high paid jobs, boost incomes and living standards and create more opportunities for Australians.

However, within the scope of this writing, only migration aspect will be outlined.

There are many migrations focused on 4 immediate initiatives and longer-term focuses:

1)      Lifting migration cap with more focus on PERMANENT migrants

2)      Increasing the speed of visa processing

3)      Enabling graduates of Australian universities to work in Australia for longer 

4)      Extending the lifting of restrictions that allow temporary visa holders to work more hours

Lifting permanent migration number to nearly 200,000 for 2022-23 fiscal year and processing more visa backlogs

Australia is facing a severe skills shortage and a huge visa backlog.

The government believe by clearing the backlog and increasing permanent migration would heal the pain of skilled labor shortages

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has recruited more than 500 new staff to clear the visa backlog sitting at around 900,000.

The government will spend $36.1 million to clear the backlog

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil announced the skilled migration cap in 2022-23 would be lifted to 195,000 – up from 160,000

+ Including 9,000 places for regional Australia to 34,000

+ additional 4,700 for healthcare

+ additional 6,100 for infrastructure

+ additional 6,800 for technology workers.

+ additional 5,000 for business sponsorships.

For a longer term, a permanent migration is set to be executed.

What does it mean?

It means thousands more nurses and thousands more engineers settling in the country this year. Those medium and long term skilled occupation will receive a lot of benefits from the government.

Moreover, the new Labor Government will start to re-assess the occupation list.

Increase the duration of 485 visa for international graduates in Australia

Foreign students’ graduate visa 485 extension and relaxing work restrictions will be available to strengthen the workforce pipeline.

The Australian Government will increase the duration of post-study work visa 485 for international students

Visa 485 Extension to minimum 4 years

This will help strengthen the pipeline of skilled labor.

The extension only applies to select degrees in areas of verified skill shortages.

Eligible graduates will have their visa 485 increased from:

  • Two years to four years for select Bachelor’s degrees
  • Three years to five years for select master’s degrees
  • Four years to six years for select PhDs.

A working group will be established to advise on the development of this and other relevant issues.

The group will report to Ministers by 28 October 2022.

At the moment, only 16 percent of international students stay on after their studies end. 

This will mean they can stay on longer and use their skills to contribute to the productivity of our economy.

The outcomes from the skills summit are geared towards supporting international education.

International education is an important Australian industry that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Continued temporary relaxation of working hours for internation students holding 500 visa 

Regarding relaxing work restrictions, international students will still be able to work more than 40 hours per week until June 2023.

Moreover, international students will be able to work before the course commencement.

Until June 2023, no restrictions will be applied to international students about their working right.

Increase the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)

It is recommended by the parties to raise the TSMIT. This is one of the main factor for TSS 482 Visa program.

The minimum wage payable to temporary skilled workers currently at 53,900 will be lifted to 60,000 as wanted by business groups.

Unions want it to be 90,000 to avoid exploitation in low-paid jobs.

The aim of the change is to increase the living standard of those temporary visa holders whilst in Australia.

Agriculture Visa and Challenges in Agriculture sector in the near future

A new group of farmers, unions, and the Federal Government has been formed to tackle chronic workforce shortages in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt announced the group on the sidelines of the summit

Senator Watt said the working group would meet monthly over the next year to discuss the sector's challenges

It has been estimated at 170,000 worker shortfalls.

This will make sure that farmers can get the workers that they need and to make sure that agriculture workers are protected and respected in their work.

agriculture visa and PALM

In a new release from Department of Home Affairs, they confirmed that the PALM scheme will remain a key program for meeting agricultural workforce shortages. They are planning to boost permanent migration through new Pacific Engagement Visa to be introduced in July 2023

3000 Visas would be allocated annually, Applicants need to be aged between 18 and 45 years, having a job offer in Australia, and some English proficiency.

More information will be published later.

If you are working in Agriculture, consider another options if not eligible for PALM scheme. For more options, check this link

Business Visa Australia Allocation and Its Future

Business Visa Australia - Allocation Announcement and its future

This year has seen very low allocations for business innovation and investment visa in all states.

NSW has published its business visa requirements with slightly higher criteria.

Instead of 65 points for 188a and 188b visa, the requirement has now been raised to 85 in NSW.

Not just NSW, other states have announced their business visa program with very low places.

Consequently, States will become more difficult in picking up suitable applications.

Compare Australian Business Visas

Global talent visa updates 2022 - EOI and Priority Processing Criteria

EOI Expiration

In recent notice from the Department of Home Affairs, they have announced there will no expiration date for the Global Talent Visa program Expression of Interest.

The current duration cap is 12 month.

The GTI officers are currently processing EOIs submitted in April 2021. However, for some cases, you might receive early invitation.

Work Visa Lawyers clients got their invitation in just 2 days with support of Global Talent officer.

In which order are EOIs considered?

Expressions of Interest are usually assessed in order of receipt, however the following may receive priority assessment:

  • Confirmed support from a Global Talent Officer
  • Hong Kong nationals and residents
  • Candidates of extremely high calibre
  • EOIs from candidates clearly outside program parameters may receive early notification.


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