Visa type: Subclass 858 Global Talent Visa
EOI lodgement: 2 March 2021
EOI Invitation: 10 March 2021

Date of visa application: 6 April 2021
Date of visa grant: 3 June 2021
Occupation/Distinguished talent: DigiTech
Passport: Hong Kong

This is Casper from Hong Kong. I am writing to thank Work Visa Lawyers for assisting me throughout the GTI Visa application, and I have now become an Australian PR through the GTI DigiTech stream.

Migration application is not an easy process; it comes with lots of document preparation. In addition, you would need an expert to validate the quality of your supporting documentation to make a strong case and reach out to your application case officer if necessary.

When I first met with Chris on Zoom, he was frank with me about the GTI is a highly competitive process. His "data point first, no rush for application" tactic genuinely convinced me that Work Visa Lawyers is my right partner for this Visa application.

I want to pay my tribute to Wendy Guan for her professional guidance throughout my visa application. Her input makes my Visa application become a strong case and help to secure my GTI visa.

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