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Seven Australian Visa options for people that are over the age of 45!

Are you over the age of 45 and considering migrating to Australia?


The Australian visa system offers several options specifically tailored for individuals in your age group. In this article, we will explore seven visa pathways that could open doors to work, live, or reunite with loved ones in Australia. From employer-sponsored visas with relaxed age restrictions to family-related pathways and investment opportunities, there are diverse options to suit your circumstances. Join us as we delve into the details of each visa, highlighting key requirements, concessions, and benefits. Please note that while this information provides a helpful overview, it is crucial to consult with an immigration lawyer or registered migration agent to obtain accurate and up-to-date advice based on your specific situation. Let's embark on this exploration of Australian visa options for individuals over the age of 45 and uncover the possibilities that await you.


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Please check now the 7 Visa option below:


  1.  DAMA Visa.

The Designated Area Migration Agreement, or DAMA, is an employer-ponsored visa program that allows businesses in specific regional areas of Australia to sponsor skilled workers. Unlike other visa programs, the DAMA Visa has relaxed age restrictions, making it an attractive option for individuals over 45 but under 55. If you have can secure a relevant employer in designated regional area, this could be a viable pathway for you.

One of the notable concessions of the DAMA Visa is the relaxation of age restrictions. Unlike many other visa programs, the DAMA Visa can have an age concession for some occupations up until the age of 55.

In addition to age concessions, the DAMA Visa also offers salary concessions. The DAMA allows employers in designated areas to pay a salary that is below the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) which from 1 July 2023 will be $70,000. This means that employers can offer a slightly lower salary to sponsored individuals compared to other visa categories.

Another advantage of the DAMA Visa is the expanded list of skilled occupations available for sponsorship. The DAMA provides access to additional occupations that are not on the standard list of eligible skilled occupations for other visa programs.

These concessions and benefits make the DAMA Visa an attractive option for individuals over 45 who are looking to migrate to Australia and work in specific regional areas. If you have a job offer in a DAMA-designated area and meet the skill requirements, I highly recommend considering the DAMA Visa as a pathway for your migration.

This script provides an overview of the DAMA Visa and its concessions for individuals over 45. It is important to consult with an immigration lawyer or a registered migration agent to obtain accurate and up-to-date information based on your specific situation.


  1. Global Talent Visa.

The Global Talent Visa is designed for individuals who possess exceptional talent or have outstanding achievements in specific target sectors. The target sectors are mostly tech focussed and are listed on screen.

The standard requirements  for the GTV apply up until  the age of 55.

After the age of 55, you must be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community. If you have the skills and experience that Australia needs, the Global Talent Visa might be the right choice for you.


  1. 482 Visa.

The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, commonly known as the 482 Visa, is an employer-sponsored visa that allows skilled workers to work in Australia for a temporary period. While there is no specific age restriction for this visa, it is important to note that sponsors need to demonstrate that they cannot find a suitable Australian worker for the position. If you have a sponsor and meet the skill requirements, the 482 Visa could be an option for you.

 But the 482 is only a temporary visa.  But in limited circumstances, it can lead to PR for those over 45.


  1. 186 Visa

The Employer Nomination Scheme or 186 visa can lead to PR for people over 45 in a limited number of circumstances.

There is an exemption for those earning a salary over the Fair Work High Income Threshold for three years straight.

There is an exemption for some occupations including Lecturers and scientists working for the government.

There is an exception for medical practitioners working in regional areas for at least two of the last three years.


  1.  Partner Visa.

The Partner Visa category allows individuals who are in a genuine and committed relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply for a visa. Unlike other visa options, there is no age limit for the Partner Visa. If you are in a relationship with an Australian partner and can demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship, this pathway could be the right fit for you.


  1.  Parent Visa.

The Parent Visa category is available for individuals who have children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. While there is no age limit for this visa, it is important to note that there can be significant processing times and financial requirements associated with this pathway. If you have children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, the Parent Visa might be worth considering.


  1. Significant Investor Visa.


The Significant Investor Visa is a pathway for high-net-worth individuals who are willing to invest a substantial amount in Australia. To be eligible for this visa, you must have at least 5 million Australian dollars to invest in approved investments. Age is not a limiting factor for the Significant Investor Visa, making it an attractive option for individuals over 45 with significant financial resources.


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