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RSMS requirements for employers in SA are now much easier!

Immigration SA is the RCB that provides advice regarding the first stage of the RSMS Direct Entry subclass 187 visa process.

From the 1 July 2012 up until late June 2013 the Labour Market Testing requirements for RSMS visa applications caused many employers to get very frustrated and some to choose not to be involved in the RSMS process at all.

Immigration SA has taken on some feedback and the process has been improved and streamlined.

Immigration SA has released a new document checklist which has reduced the advertising requirements. 

Concessions for some 457 visa holders

If the position for the RSMS is for a person who has been working on a 457 in that organisation for 12 months or more, then LMT is not required.  You will have to answer some questions. 

LMT documents requirements are lower

At a practical level, having recently done an online application, there is now no need to attach evidence of the Labour Marketing Test.  A detailed description from the employer of the advertising process is still required.

There in now no need for:

-         - No need for advertising to include the exact salary of the position.

-          - No need for Peer review evidence from Recruitment Agent, Union or Industry Association.

Processing times with Immigration SA are now shorter

Processing times had been up to three months at one stage.

Processing times for RSMS Immigration SA RCB advice are currently quoted as 24 days. 

Source: Immigration SA website:

Need Help?

If you require further information regarding a RSMS application or your Australian visa options you contact our offices on (08) 7225 5091 or +61 8 7225 5091  

This information isaccurate on the 7 August 2013.  Immigration SA will change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging an application. 

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