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Immigration SA Announces new standards where it will find incomplete RSMS Regional Certifying Applications invalid


Immigration SA has released the following information about RSMS Regional Certifying Applications:

“Change in procedures for incomplete applications

The RCB receives many applications that are either incomplete or in which insufficient information or evidence has been supplied.

From 8 May 2014, any incomplete applications will be deemed invalid. The employer or migration agent will then need to submit another application for RCB advice and ensure all relevant information is included. This is being implemented in the interest of providing RCB advice more efficiently and with the goal of improving processing times.

Hints for completing an eligible application

Applications requiring three or more clarifications about missing or incomplete content will be declared invalid.
Documents emailed separately or attached to the RCB will not be assessed. All information must be contained within the RCB application.
If the RCB requests additional information, it must be supplied within 14 calendar days. If needed, an extension of 14 calendar days can be requested (by email) but this request must be received before the initial RCB deadline.
The employer’s ABN or business registration details must match those recorded on the Australian Business Register.
Migration agent details can be verified on the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) website using the MARA number provided.
Some questions in the application form require lengthy responses. These responses should be between 200 and 500 words. Non-descriptive responses or attachments will not be accepted.   
Organisational charts must include all positions and titles in the business, the employment status (full-time, part-time or casual) of all positions and reporting lines. The nominated position should be clearly marked.

The application should include a valid employment contract signed and dated by the employer and nominee, and outlining the employment conditions, superannuation and entitlements.
Recruitment activities must have been undertaken within the last 12 months unless the nominated occupation is listed on the South Australian RCB Occupation List or you meet the recruitment exemption criteria. Please include details of recruitment activities, including names of newspapers or websites used to advertise the job, duration of advertisement and the number of people shortlisted and interviewed.
If you wish to access a recruitment exemption, evidence must be supplied that the employer is a current DIBP approved 457 sponsor, as well as payslips or the employment contract of the nominee to demonstrate employment in the nominated position for at least 12 months.”
If there are no Australian workers undertaking an equivalent position in the business, application should include market research (within the past 12 months) to identify the current market salary rate for the position and describe how the research was undertaken. “

Source: Immigration SA

This information is accurate on the 13 May 2014.  Immigration SA will change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging an application. 


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