SA 491
75 points
Invitation Received: 06/02/2023
Visa Granted: 11/07/2023


Hi Chris, Wendy, and your Team,

My heart is glad and full of gratitude for the amazing work that you have done for me. 
I have lost count of the number of times that I have opened this Grant Notification, read, read again and again and still, can't believe that that's my name on it! The joy in my heart is unbelievable and the grin on my face is priceless. I hoped for the best but I had no idea how it'd make me feel, sure it is indescribable!
Thank you Chris for your wise counsel since the first day, your candidness, your time, your truthfulness, integrity and expertise - it is matchless! I know that at the beginning it was uncertain and practically impossible to beat the odds given my previous misstep with Visa Application but With your amazing Team you have guided me, Provided me with All the relevant information and various options to explore and still remained professional at all times, updated me every step of the way and readily available to answer my calls/emails!
Wendy, thank you so much for tirelessly answering my many calls, many questions and your ability to calm my fears, worries and doubts. I am impressed at your work and your level efficiency throughout this process, it was perfect!
Well, I could write a book about my long turbulent journey;I will not bore you with the details.
But I will continue to make a prayer asking for More divine favor, More Blessings, More Grace, Immense strength and protection be with you ALL. Keep up the Amazing work!
And yes, I am right here and will be right here with you in ALL my future applications!


Kindest Regards,



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