Visa applied for: Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) visa
Nominated Occupation: Advertising Specialist ANZSCO 225111
Application lodged: 14 October 2019
Visa granted: 20 November 2019
Country: India

“Destiny is not just a matter of chance; it is also a matter of choice”. Today, I can say this with both, a sense of fulfillment and at the same time a true sense of gratitude, the credit goes to the very proficient duo (Mr. Chris Johnston and Ms. Wendy Guan) at Work Visa lawyers, who handled my application for a Permanent Residency here in Australia.

I am not aware of the actual statistics and number behind how long it actually takes for an individual to be able to attain a PR here, but after having interacted with a sizeable group, who just like me came to Australia as an international student, I am convinced that for me it happened in record time. Yet, again the credit for this goes to this talented team who know it all.

I arrived in Adelaide in June 2017 as an international student and was granted a PR (subclass 190) in Nov 2019. As magical as It sounds, it truly was a perfect match of chance and choice, wherein the chance to have Chris evaluate my overall profile and skill sets to suggest a possible pathway to PR  while I was still a student and My choice to trust in him and his team’s competencies to make it come true.

Work Visa Lawyers and all its team members have a unique ability to strategize every case and achieve successful results. Their attention to detail and quality delivery of services is very reassuring. They are equally dedicated and invested in every application as the applicant themselves.

Last but not least, a special vote of thanks to Ms. Wendy Guan for demonstrating and delivering a strong working relationship and gaining my confidence through displaying professionalism, compassion and efficiency in all communications. She maintained a high degree of precision in executing and completing all tasks and also resolving issues well within time.

Very Well Done and Best Wishes for all your future endeavors.

(Name Removed)

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