VIC 190
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Social Worker
Invitation Received: 23/11/2021
Visa Granted: 3/3/2022

Dear Wendy and the amazing Work Visa Lawyers’ Team,

My wife and I would like to thank you for all your efforts not only in securing our permanent residence visas but also re-uniting us after many years of living separate lives. COVID-19 made us feel that our unity was just plain impossible. I’ve had to pursue a relentless search in finding agents and/or lawyers to help with my permanent residence visa which unfortunately wasn’t great and was filled with disappointment and rejection. Throughout my journey with different migration agents and lawyers, a common theme I noticed was the blatant disregard of my personal life choices and the obvious impact of migration policy changes upon my wellbeing.

I remember my consultation with Chris Johnston which was such a great pleasure. Chris imbued an amazing sense of self-actualisation and empowerment within me. Coming from a sense of hopelessness due to being let down by many previous migration companies, I found Chris’ migration recommendation as a beacon of hope. His explanation to every option we discussed were thorough and well justified. Immediately my doubts and low self-esteem disappeared. With time, especially having worked with and getting immense support from Wendy (Wenting) Guan, I found more confidence, clarity and felt content with my permanent visa decision-making.

Wendy, as my agent who handled my permanent residence visa application, is a star through and through. Whether it was day or night, weekday or weekend, Wendy’s responsiveness was like no other. Our discussions were very motivating which thus inspired to me keep my chin-up. Any issues or bumps on the road that got in the way, Wendy straightened it out without a single worry.

Having the experience of working with Wendy and Chris this closely, I can confidently say that Work Visa Lawyers promotes a very positive workplace culture which is very rare to find in the migration services sector (in my experience). The qualities of genuineness and positive regard come to my mind when I think about Work Visa Lawyers. I would confidently state that there is no second thought needed if you’re thinking of working with Work Visa Lawyers to get your migration sorted. They’re not only simply fantastic; they’re also fast, respectful, and treat you like a human being which means they consider your life journey in a holistic way to support you and inform your decision(s) surrounding permanent residency in Australia.

Best wishes and many thanks Wendy, Chris and the team. You will never be forgotten.

Yours truly,

Sehba and Salman

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