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US election 2020: What would a Biden victory mean for Australian Immigration / Travel / International study?

US election 2020: What would a Biden victory mean for Australian Immigration / Travel / International study?

The 2020 United States Presidential election commenced on 3 November 2020. While the election is still ongoing and everyone is anxiously waiting for the outcome, this makes us think what would Trump or Biden’s impact on Australian migration?

What was Trump’s impact on Australian immigration?

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Under Trump’s administration, immigration policies to the United States are not very friendly. This can be reflected in the following facts:  

·         More TR and Less PR policy

The president Trump encouraged people to move into America with temporary visas. However, he made it harder for people to obtain permanent residence in United States.

From 2016 to 2019, there are around 200,000 reductions in permanent visas.

Between 2016 to 2019,

  • Temporary working visas have increased up by 5% in US
  • Student visas dropped down by 2%
  • Permanent residency visas dropped down by 13%
  • Refugees admitted down by 65%


Huge spite in Google searches about Move to Australia, Canada and New Zealand 

During the election period, migration related topics and queries searched by Americans in Google become viral. The following topics become very popular in Google searches:

1. How to move to Australia

2. Move to Canada

3. New Zealand citizenship requirements

Interestingly, Bruce Springsteen, a US musician, says he would consider moving to Australia if Donald Trump is re-elected.   


Australia Became a more attractive migration country in 2016 – 2020

The president Trump’s immigration policies in United States have led to the best opportunity to Australia migration.

The president Trump’s unfriendly migration policies make many migrants wonder why not moving to other western immigration countries, such as Australia; New Zealand and Canada.

 As the chaotic COVID-19 situations and mistrust in Trump’s administration, many Americans are searching and considering other English-Speaking and migration friendly countries.  


Under Trump, US & China Relations

In terms of foreign policy with China, the Trump Administration is targeting China as its major strategic competitor and threat, and contributes to an escalating trade war with China. This has caused real peril for Australia. The People’s Republic of China (China) is the second largest migrant community in Australia. According to the Department of Home Affairs, there were 650,700 Chinese people living in Australia at the end of June 2018. Our current intense relationship with China has heavily reduced Chinese migrants.   

US vs China


What would a Biden victory mean for Australia Migration?


While the election is still ongoing and Biden takes the lead at the moment, we cannot say Biden will definitely win in this election.

However, what if Biden really becomes the next US president, what would a Biden victory mean for Australia migration?  

It is hard to forecast what Biden would exactly do with US migration policies. However, we can see some patterns from his presidency debate speeches and his previous partner Obama’s actions and policies on US migration.

Biden’s plans for immigration will be radically different from the president Trump’s. Biden’s priorities on US immigration reform would be:

  • Remove immigration restrictions placed by the president Trump and stop border wall constructions between United States and Mexico.
  • Follow the previous president Obama’s key immigration principle “earned citizenship”. Instead of deporting all undocumented immigrants in United States, Biden will provide a legal way for people living in the United States illegally to earn citizenship.
  • Biden also aims to provide and expand resources on health care; education systems and employment opportunities to those immigrants residing in the United States.


Biden & China – a relationship reset?

Biden may seek to carve out spaces for cooperation with China and take a different approach as the president Trump. If Biden is elected as the United States’ president, that may be a relationship reset between US and China.   


Our View: A more moderate US means a great competition for Australia

Joe Biden’s migration plans and policies are more lenient and supportive to legal and illegal migrants.

This will make United States as a place of welcome and innovation and attract many migrants to move to the United States.

Australia may have more competition to be less attractive for international students and immigrants.


What do you think the US election would impact on Australia? Share your ideas and Leave your comments below




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