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NSW announced updated 491 state nomination requirements/ Including new opportunities for offshore

NSW announced updated 491 state nomination requirements/ Including new opportunities for offshore

On 17 November 2020, NSW has announced new Subclass 491 state nomination requirements for the remainder of the financial year.

The number of quota has been exhausted for the interim nomination arrangement in NSW. NSW is awaiting the allocation of places from the Home Affairs for the rest of the financial year.


What changes have been made? 

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Regional Development Australia (RDA) offices

Regional Development Australia (RDA) offices will assist NSW treasury with NSW Subclass 491 nominating applications. Under this new arrangement, each RDA will be responsible for setting their own eligible skilled occupations for nomination and accepting and assessing nomination applications.

Information on applying for nomination through participating RDAs, including eligible skilled occupations, will be made available on their respective websites.


Nomination criteria

Despite establishing several RDA offices for NSW subclass 491 nominating applications, nomination criteria will still remain consistent across all regions:

You must meet the all criteria in one of the following three streams to be eligible for NSW nomination:

  • Living and working in regional NSW;


  • recently completed study in regional NSW; or


  • living and working outside of regional NSW
  1. At least five years skilled employment experience (offshore Applicants)
  2. Job offer in regional NSW
  3. Family ties in regional NSW




Providing new regional Development Australia (RDA) offices will provide more opportunities and better insight for NSW regional areas. 


We will provide and explain further information about the NSW 491 state nomination criteria soon!

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