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MRT waiting times are dropping fast – if you have lodged with the MRT- Are you ready for a hearing?

MRT waiting times are dropping fast

The Migration Institure of Australia, the peak migration industry body, has released the following information from the April April MRT RRT Community Liaison:

“The MRT and RRT Tribunals report they have made a record 2,516 decisions in March 2014, this brings the total number of decisions to 18,858 to the end of March, representing a 46% increase compared with the same period last year.”

The increase in decisions made by the MRT and RRT means that the waiting times for those who have lodged a MRT will be much shorter.

Comment by Chris Johnston, Migration Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent: 

I can comment based on my recent professional experience, as a Migration Lawyer assisting a number of review applicant’s who have recently been allocated hearing dates.  Some times these allocations are up to a year earlier than expected.

Be warned - The current average processing times on the MRT site, are based on previous allocations, and may be much longer than the MRT is currently taking.

So this raises the question:

If you have lodged with the MRT, are you prepared for a hearing?

Have you or your Representative sent in a comprehensive submission to the MRT, providing reasons as to why your review should be successful?

It is my professional opinion, that you increase the chances of success at the MRT or RRT, if you provide a well prepared submission to the MRT or RRT decision maker, before the hearing takes place.

What you need to be get ready to supply to the MRT to improve your chances!

For Partner application MRT reviews – the review applicant’s should have been collecting ongoing evidence of the genuine relationship, and this should be submitted to the MRT.

For Employer Sponsored MRT review based on the business or nominated position – this could be for the 457 or RSM or ENS  - the review applicant will need evidence that the business continues to actively operate and still has a need for the position.

For Employer Sponsored MRT review based on the visa applicant’s skills, experience and English Skills – you will need to have your references to prove skills and relevant IELTS at the required level, ready to send to the MRT.

As a general observation – for any MRTs relying on suppling higher IELTS – you should be aiming to achieve the test result as soon as possible, in case your MRT hearing is given a date soon.

With the increase in MRT decisions, it is a good idea to start preparing for a hearing.


The Migration Institute of Australia

The MRT:

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