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Australian Skilled Migration Update - Only 250 189 Invitations! Accountant 100 points, Family Sponsor Easier

Australian immigration update January 2020

The latest report on invitations issued by the Department of Home Affairs shows another of extremely low number of invitations in December 2019.
There were 250 invitations issued for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and a low number of 200
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) invitations awarded – the first month in availability.


11 December SkillSelect Results



Comments from Chris Johnston:

Unfortunately for Electrical Engineers and Accountants applying to immigrate to Australia it is more disappointment in this month’s report as it also includes
the news of points increases for occupation specific cut-off scores. While they are included in the list of occupation groups that are subject to pro- rata arrangements.
This particularly discouraging for off-shore applicants as it is near possible for them to attain a score of 100. In order to do so you must have:
• Studied in Australia
• Resided and studied in a regional area
• Superior English skills
• Optimal working age

Is the Federal Government deliberately setting these points at an attainable level?
Will this policy symbolism actually result in creating a separate economic problem?
We believe that the low level of invitations is ultimately going to lead to more pressure from potential applicants to seek out and apply for other points based options
such as the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass190) and Skilled Work Regional (provisional) Visa (Subclass 491), thus creating a potentially avoidable state of competition and congestion.

As we move into the second half of this financial year. There is the serious possibility of the Federal Government failing to get close the proposed cap of 160,000 positions (previously 190,000)
for permanent migration for the 2020 year. The government is are unlikely to reach the target of 16,652 for the 2020 year, if they continue to issue only 250 invitations per month.
Remembering not all 250 will be lodged and granted.


SkillSelect inivitations issued during 2019-20 program year


However, the invitation results for Family Sponsored Skilled Work Regional (Provisional visa) subclass 491 shows some promise
for those with family in residing in regional Australia. Previously we were seeing an average of only 10 per month,
which was not making this subclass a favourable pathway for individuals to explore. However, with this 200% increase,
we are pleased to see invitations are becoming more attainable and there is no need for people to seek other
avenues and putting pressure on the supply of other visa options. 

These results in general do raise wider questions. Such as - Will cutting migration contribute to an economic downturn for Australia? Maybe even our first recession in 20 plus years?
Essentially the Australian economy requires a percentage of population growth in order to maintain economic growth.
Time will tell how the Federal Government will manage to achieve a balanced equation between population and economic growth.


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