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ANMAC announces new Resources available to assist with the skills assessment process for enrolled nurses that preparing to apply for Australian PR


New Resources are available on the ANMAC website to assist applicants and Registered Migration Agents to prepare skills assessments for Enrolled Nurses.

This is in response to the large number of applications and resulting delays in processing times of skills assessments, which can be in excess of 16 weeks or more.

ANMAC has release the following statement:

“New resources to assist with the submission of supporting documents for migration skills assessments


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) assesses the skills of nurses and midwives who want to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program. We are the independent assessing authority authorised by law to conduct these assessments by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Situation analysis

ANMAC continues to review the migration skills assessment process and implement Quality Improvement strategies. An unprecedented increase in application numbers during the past 12 months has created an additional administrative burden on ANMAC assessors especially where the submission includes incorrect supporting documents and incomplete applications.

A project was undertaken to review of documents submitted for migration skills assessments.

The review revealed common errors among applicants and/or agents with the supporting documentation submitted for an assessment.

Common errors include:

·         Incorrect registration certificates (from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the


·         Misunderstanding the declaration and photograph requirements on the cover letter.

·         Not submitting graduation certificates.

·         Submission of professional references that do not meet ANMAC requirements.

·         Enquiries relating to the process for requesting a certificate of registration status (CoRS) from the Australian Health Practitioner regulation Agency (AHPRA).

New resources available

To continue to process applications in a timely manner, ANMAC has included information and examples for providing the correct supporting documents on the International Services resources page of the website. Applicants and agents are encouraged to use these support tools when gathering supporting documents for migration skills assessments. This will allow the applicant and/or their nominated agent to review the requirements for each document before resubmitting the application.

ANMAC provides specific advice to assist agents and their clients in gathering only the required documents for the skills assessment process. Upon completion of the online application an email is sent to the applicant/agent that has a link to the ANMAC supporting documents information. The new resources will complement the checklists emailed to applicants and/or agents at the completion of the online application.

This project is the latest in a number of developments already undertaken by ANMAC to improve assessment times, including:

·         New website that incorporates a more user friendly interface and articulates

assessment information succinctly.

·         New database to improve information storing and reporting.

·         Increasing number of assessors and support staff.

·         Increasing attendance at Migration Institute of Australia continuing professional development sessions and other stakeholder events to inform agents of ways to minimise barriers to their clients’ assessment process.

·         Checklist for required documents to ensure only those required documents are provided.

·         New policy for returning applications with excessive documentation.

The new resources will reduce the unnecessary administrative burden on the ANMAC

assessors allowing for faster assessment times while ensuring that responsibility for the

submission of correct documents appropriately resides with the applicant and/or their

nominated agent. We appreciate your support and assistance with these new resources. “


The Resources are available through this link:

Warning -This information is accurate on the 09 April 2014.  

DIBP and the State/Territory authorities can change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging a skills assessment or visa application. 


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