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128 new occupations added to SA's DAMAs

Adelaide SA

The South Australia (SA) Regional DAMA and the Adelaide City DAMA have been both extended and expanded.

The SA Regional DAMA now includes 128 new occupations from various sectors including construction, trades, agribusiness, ICT, health, education, and renewable energy.

We submitted suggestions to the Government of South Australia to include certain occupations on the DAMA list. We welcome the inclusion of occupations such as Registered Nurse in Child and Family Health, Registered Nurse in Disability and Rehabilitation, Winery Worker, Sheep Farm Worker, and others on the list.

The 'Winery Worker' occupation is a valuable addition, especially since South Australia has a strong wine industry.

Other important occupations added to the list include Truck Driver, Bricklayer, and Floor Finisher.

This is excellent news for those seeking permanent residency pathways!

Click here to view the 128 new occupations.

Annual nominations

The annual nominations for the SA Regional DAMA have increased from 750 to 2000, valid until June 30, 2025.


South Australia continues to offer age concessions up to 55 years, a 10% reduction in the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), and other concessions in English and work experience.

South Australia DAMA Occupation List

The SA DAMA comes under two agreements which list eligible occupations and concessions available:

  • Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement: the occupations are restricted to employers in the Adelaide Metropolitan region. The only concession that applies to these occupations is that they all have a pathway to permanent residency, and include an age concession.
  • South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement: includes some occupations eligible to employers in the whole of South Australia and some occupations eligible for employers only in the postcode range 5220 to 5734 (non-metropolitan SA). The agreement includes a range of occupation-specific concessions concerning:
    • Skills and experience
    • TSMIT
    • English
    • Age
    • Permanent pathway

Review the lists to see if your occupation is eligible and what concessions apply.

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Thursday, 30 May 2024

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