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Immigration SA announces DEADLINE for lodging under RSMS subclasses 857 and 119 criteria

Immigration SA has announced the deadline for lodging under RSMS subclasses 857 and 119 criteria, with the last day to lodge being 16 April 2012.  Any applications lodged after the 16 April 2012 will be considered for the new RSMS subclass 187.  The new subclass has a number of changes including Higher English requirements and age requirement set at 50 (with some exemptions).

Immigration SA has released the following:

“Nominations and visa applications lodged with DIAC from 1 July, 2012 will need to conform to the new DIAC requirements. Nominations lodged on form 1054 after 29 June, 2012 will not be valid and cannot be processed by DIAC.

Immigration SA is currently taking 10 weeks to certify a nomination. Based on current processing times, Immigration SA should be able to process complete nominations if received by 16 April, 2012, ready for lodgement with DIAC by 29 June, 2012.

From the 17 April, 2012, Immigration SA may not accept new nominations unless prior arrangements have been made with DIAC to lodge a registered but uncertified nomination and visa application.”

Immigration SA has release the following in relation to the new guidelines which correspond to the RSMS to be introduced by DIAC from the 1 July 2012:

“The new RSMS Guide for Employers now clearly outlines the supporting documents required to accompany a nomination. This will assist employers to lodge nominations which are quicker and easier to assess against the relevant criteria.

The new RSMS Guide for Employers comes into effect on 17 April 2012. Nominations lodged on or after this date will need to meet the requirements outlined in the new guide.”

WATCH THIS SPACE – I will provide more details on changes for Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas when they become available.


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