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Australian Parents Visa updates 2023

The Albanese government’s review of Australia’s migration system has recently been released, which has considered some possible options to reform the current parent visa system.




Large backlog

Within parent visas, the two main types are Parent visas which have a lower cost, and Contributory Parent Visas, which require a contribution of $43,600.

Parent visa – processing time of approx. 40 years.

Contributory parent visa processing time of 15 years


Hi economic cost

The migration review suggest that each permanent Parent migrant is estimated to cost approximately $400,000, which includes access to Centrelink services Medicare services in aged care services.
Meaning of demand for permanent Parent visas would come and a very high cost.


Possible reform options:

Here are some of the reform options considered by the panel in the migration review final report.
Number one a lottery approach to prevent Visa backlogs.
A lottery approach would have the benefit of preventing further Visa backlogs, given the high waiting times already in the process.
The review recognises that Canada New Zealand are examples of clearing the backlog of applications by adopting a little lottery approach. Additionally, if the lottery approach is adopted in Australia, the responsibility of post arrival, support services may rest heavily with the sponsor child.
However, this is just one of the suggestions, and there is doubt as to whether a lottery approach will be adopted in Australia.


Option two improving temporary parent Visa parts.

The current sponsored parent temporary subclass 870 allows parents to visit and stay in Australia for up to 3 to 5 years is a maximum period in Australia 10 years. The 870 also includes a payment of $10,000 for the five year Visa,
The review raises concerns that the period of stay is too long for parents, which may lead to a situation where they are willing to depart Australia due to losing their home connections in their country of citizenship. The review suggests the period of stay should be made shorter.  The suggestion is parents can stay in Australia with a maximum of 12 months within any given 18 month period with multiple travel facilities.


Option three removing access to permanent migration.

Considering the factors of the high economic cost and detrimental demographic effects, the review suggests further come, potentially completely removing access to permanent migration parents.

Reflecting upon the options put forward, it all looks pretty grim.
The existing parent Visa system is definitely not working well, and the waiting times are getting ridiculous.
The parent lottery system seems to offer some benefits in terms of processing times, but may leave everyone feeling on edge and waiting for a result that may not happen.

Certainly making temporary visas, easier to get, and perhaps increasing the need for comprehensive insurance, maybe a way forward.

So, we’ll just have to wait and see what the path forward is from the Australian government.

So, this is an update on the suggestions from the migration review, final report Ending




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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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