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10 Benefits of Being an Australian Permanent Resident (PR)

Benefits Australian PR

Many individuals dream of becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia, the famous "Australian PR," which allows people to live and work in Australia, along with a host of other government benefits. Today, we'll explore the top ten benefits that come with holding permanent residency (PR) in Australia.

1. Access to Medicare:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having access to Australia's universal healthcare services, Medicare. Receive medical services from doctors, specialists, public hospitals, and other healthcare benefits with professionals either for free or at a lower cost.

2. Full Working Rights:

As a permanent resident, you have the freedom to work in any job for any employer without restrictions.

In 2022, Australia had the third highest monthly average pay in the world of US$ 4218 per month.

There are some exceptions to what jobs you can get. For example, specific organizations such as the Australian Public Service or Defence Forces may need you to be an Australian citizen for you to work for them.

3. Cheaper Higher Education:

Permanent residents have access to domestic fees, cheaper than international students.

4. Childcare and Education Subsidies:

PR holders can be eligible for childcare subsidies. The Australian Government pays subsidies directly to your childcare provider to reduce the fees you pay for childcare.

Permanent residents also have access to government schools where children can get free education up to the 12th grade. There are some limited admin fees associated with public schools.

PR Australia 2024

5. Social Security Benefits and Centrelink:

Permanent residents of at least two years will in some circumstances be eligible for Centrelink. Centrelink offers social welfare and may be available to you with aid in relation to sickness, unemployment, and study, with potential extensions to family members.

6. Buy property and get a grant:

When you have a permanent residence, you can access a $10,000 grant towards purchasing your first apartment, house unit, or townhouse, simplifying the process of homeownership compared to temporary visa holders.

This contrasts with temporary visa holders who have to get Foreign Investment Review Board approval or FIRB approval and pay a large fee to be able to buy property in Australia.

7. Live and Work in New Zealand:

With Australian permanent residency, you can live, work, and visit New Zealand. You can also buy a house in New Zealand while an Australian permanent resident.

8. Sponsor Family Members:

As a permanent visa holder, you may be able to sponsor your family members such as sisters, brothers, parents-in-law, and others for certain types of visas. Usually short-term visas like visitor visas.

9. Pathway to Australian Citizenship:

To apply for Australian citizenship normally you need to have been a permanent resident for at least one year and to have lived in Australia for at least four years before applying. As an Australian citizen, you're able to do several things, including voting in elections, having an Australian Passport, getting certain jobs, and serving in the defence force.

Children born to permanent residents in Australia are automatically granted citizenship.

10. Live in Australia and have the Freedom to Travel Overseas:

The grant of permanent residency means you will have a permanent visa and can live in Australia permanently without a time limit while you're in Australia.

You will have an initial 5-year grant period travel facility. If you meet the residency requirements, then you can extend the ability to travel through applying for another visa called a ‘Resident Return Visa’ to re-enter Australia. Some people keep renewing their PR and extending their unrestricted travel for the rest of their lives.

Becoming an Australian permanent resident opens a world of opportunities and benefits, providing security, access to essential services, and the chance to build a prosperous future for you and your family.

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