Letter of Recommendation

Visa type: Subclass 124 Distinguished Talent
Date of visa application: 12 November 2015
Date of visa grant: 28 July 2016
Occupation/Distinguished talent: Specialist Consultant Scientist – Petroleum industry
Passport: United Kingdom

Last year I paid a visit to my Australian relatives and used the opportunity to investigate the possibilities for migration. I undertook a dual approach, firstly to visit petroleum companies for whom my specialist skills and services would benefit in order to see if I could obtain support for my application from any of them and secondly to research appropriate legal firms who could assist in advice on a suitable route.

Owing to the current severe downturn in the petroleum sector I had, not unexpectedly, mixed results in obtaining industry support, although I did get good advice and found a consultancy whom were able and willing to fulfil that requirement.

Of the legal firms researched, the only consultancy that seemed to offer potential in my case was Work Visa Lawyers of Torrensville, Adelaide. I thus ended up contracting one of their chief partners Chris Johnston. On our first meeting Chris immediately advised that I aim at applying for a Distinguished Talent Visa, as this most suited my profile.

As an applicant with special requirements I can thoroughly recommend Chris for the following reasons.

  • Clear advice given at all times
  • Selection of the most suitable visa type for my application
  • Prompt and informative response to all my enquires
  • Detailed guidance with the extensive documentation required
  • Timely follow-up with the application progress after submittal to the authorities and additional advice on the additional requirements requested thereof

Given the perceived headwinds associated with such an application, his advice and judgement proved to be impeccable and I am delighted to report that my application for Distinguished Talent Subclass 124 visa has been a success.

Yours sincerely,

(A Successful Distinguished Talent Visa Applicant)

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