Successful AAT Review Decision regarding 887 Visa Application and work requirement, followed by successful 887 visa grant for Australian PR

Country of origin: Maylaysia

AAT review successful: 4th October 2019

Visa grant date: 14 April 2020

Country of origin: Maylaysia

Migrants, we are but the same.

Same aspirations, same dreams.

Being warmly accepted into society & counted as one while making a better life for ourselves & the family.

While some are fortunate to experience a smooth pathway in their transition others are not so lucky.

Our own world came crashing down on us when our PR application was refused after a 4 years wait.

To make matters worst not a single lawyer we spoke to was willing to take on our case in filing an AAT appeal.

We were bracing for the worst.

To be kicked out of this country & to restart life all over again from scratch.

This was until we spoke to Work Visa Lawyers. When others we seek help from have shut their doors on us, they diligently reassessed our application all over again & provided advise on how the AAT appeal may belodged successfully.

Our first landing in Australia was in Dec 2013. All in all it took exactly 6 1/2 years for a AAT decision & the subsequent PR grant to be finally given.

If you are sharing the same predicament now, there is no escaping the harsh reality. The wait for an outcome is going to be a long, hard and uncertain one.

You still have to forge ahead no matter what.

Do the best at all times, irregardless of the obstacles.

Perseverance is the only key.

And above it all, you have to have absolute trust & confidence that you have appointed the best to represent you and you are in very good and able hands.

Throughout our dealings with WVL, Chris Johnston, Luke Edwards and the entire team have demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Guiding us hand in hand from the very instant they took up our case.

It was certainly a very long drawn journey beginning from the preparation & submission of the AAT appeal, to pre-hearing preparations and right through to the defence & representation during the hearing itself.

There was never any shortage of support & empathy in helping us through all the many challenges & difficult times we faced by being prolonged bridging visas holders pending an outcome.

All their endearing efforts finally paying off and culminating with a successful AAT decision.

Our journey now continues here in Australia all thanks to Work Visa Lawyers commitment to excellence and for making it all happen for us.

We are eternally grateful for all their devotion & hard work in helping us achieve our dreams. We have no hesitation at all in recommending & vouching for them as your one & only migration lawyer of choice.

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