What are Regional or Low Population Growth Areas?

Regional or low population growth areas are defined to mean any part of Australia not including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, or Melbourne.

The state capital cities Perth (WA), Adelaide (SA), Hobart (Tasmania) and Darwin (NT) are classified as regional or low population growth.

Why do Employers and Visa applicants like regional visas?

Employers in regional areas, particularly if they are in remote areas, can struggle to fill skilled positions. Regional skills shortages can include medical professionals, tradespersons such as electricians, and hospitality workers such as chefs.

Under the RSMS PR visa, the visa holder is obligated to fulfil a two year position. Retaining the employee for a two year period can be attractive to employers. Employers often find it easier to attract skilled employees to regional areas when they offer to participate in an employer sponsored visa, as visa applicants can be willing to fill the position due to the incentive of a permanent residency visa.

Regional visas often have criteria that are lower than similar non-regional visas. 

The full range of Australian visas are available to applicants looking to live and work in regional areas.

However, there are a number of regional visas which have favourable criteria for applicants.

There are Regional visas from the following visa categories:

Employer Sponsored

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is an employer sponsored visa for permanent residence.

The popularity of this visa has grown significantly in the last five years, as consecutive Ministers for Immigration and Citizenship have supported employer sponsored visa categories , while making cuts to student and General Skilled Migration (GSM).

We are experienced in providing regional employers and potential visa applicants with advice in relation to regional visas.

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