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Final-year students in Australia in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, OT, Physiotherapy, and more urged to apply for registration now!

Final-year students in Australia in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, OT, Physiotherapy,  and more urged to apply for registration now!


Final-year students in Australia in Medicine, Nursing, Dentists, OT and more urged to apply for registration now!


The following information is available on the AHPRA website:

“AHPRA is now calling for online applications for registration from students who are in their final year of an approved program of study.

Students due to complete study at the end of 2014 are urged to apply for registration four to six weeks before completing their course. Fourth-year psychology students can also apply. 

Students are encouraged to apply online, however some applicants may be required to complete a paper application form. All applicants must provide some supporting documents to AHPRA to complete their application.

Students are encouraged to read the information under Graduate applications, including FAQ.

Profession-specific information, including whether final-year students must apply for provisional or general registration, is available on the National Board websites:

“Frequently asked questions

On this page:

What are graduate applications? 

Five Steps to Graduate Registration

What are graduate applications?

Graduates seeking to work as health practitioners in Australia must be registered before joining the workforce. Students who are about to complete National Board-approved programs of study can apply for health practitioner registration early. AHPRA has put in place systems to make registration for graduates as streamlined as possible, including accepting online applications from students graduating mid-year or in late 2013.

Five Steps to Graduate Registration:

  1. Students apply for registration 4 to 6 weeks before completing their course, under Graduate Applications.
  2. Applicants fill out an online application (if eligible) or download an application form. All applications require some documents to be sent to AHPRA by mail.
  3. Education providers advise AHPRA when applicants are eligible to graduate.
  4. AHPRA finalises assessment, confirms registration, publishes new graduates’ names on the Register of Practitioners and sends out registration certificates.
  5. New graduates registered with their profession’s National Board are eligible to start working as soon as their name is published on the Register of Practitioners.

Why apply early?

Processing applications for registration takes time and AHPRA is aiming to smooth the path for new graduates from study to work. By applying for registration early, you will help AHPRA to register you as a health practitioner soon as possible after your education provider advises us that you have successfully graduated. As soon as you are registered, your name will be published on the national Register of Practitioners and you will be eligible to start work.

Who can apply?

All students in regulated health professions who will be completing an approved program of study in 2013 and who are expecting to join the Australian health practitioner workforce when they graduate or soon after can apply.

Note: The name on your application for registration must match the student name for approved course completion provided to AHPRA by your education provider. If your name has changed after enrolling in an approved program of study you must contact the education provider to update these details.

When can I apply?

AHPRA is recommending that students apply for registration at least four to six weeks before the end of their course.

How can I apply?

Online applications are open to students completing an approved program of study mid-year or at the end of 2013 …”

Registration is different to applying for a migration skills assessment for some occupations such as Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses!

The skills assessing authority for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses is ANMAC:

Warning -This information is accurate on the 21 October 2014.  

Registration authorities can change requirements in an ongoing manner and all current requirements must be established prior to lodging a skills assessment or visa application. 


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